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Give little time for the child within you don't be afraid to be young and free onto the lock central away the keys and take off issues and sex and run you it's jordan jesse go i'm jesse thorn america's radio sweetheart moore's boy detective beautiful day here in los angeles jordan cool calm and collected that's that's the city of angels baby do you know do you know a you're probably a big fan you know the repor weiji sure i don't easier popular important for the bit that i go on i like spain you know jessie i don't know who that why g is really great rapper he's part of a sub genre of rap called gangster ram which is like these guys right rabbit by gangs i know that you don't go back that far just guy familiar with wrapping there's different kinds so these days gangsta rap is a is a very small hold on he's a man right now what's a man what is man so makes man rapping is like singing but there's no melody just rhythms sort of like talking over music which is the beat sounds like my kid could do that yeah that's that by the way is also paint modern art that is the second paragraph of a new yorker article about hip hop god yeah my can also be my wife's husband beats rap music musical backing tracks so why so gangsta rap is is is at this point pretty marginal sub genre of hip hop lake there's elements of it in some in some popular hip hop but most of your pop hip hop is either about doing xanax in your white guy with face tattoos that's primarily what shirt that's like a seventy percent of current hip hop is white guys with face tattoos just going on santa cts.

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