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Yeah haiti and now he's him lancelot euro sir lancelot europe with the johnston inform euro ninety eight five sports that was made nickname in college him berewa for at all i know therapy mr flynn offense alignment for eleven years right yes you line of what a yard apart from the guys on the other side of yes okay so you're in your high who's right as far as waco yes in my shoes my threes i just wanted to be nice well you know it's a point of offensive lineman you now in a different you don't you could be nice to me now not that it didn't matter yeah right violent flint let me girl little side note here mrs bush and by the way locker at the higher concussion rate out of any sport get that out there it's true off with that it's true yeah yeah no it absolutely i mean the haters the advice call kicked you guys are not anyway the white house trying to make one of those flap john of like yeah i played football i did i play football for my thought or your high school i was removed because of concussions i got fifteen documented concussion of my point going back what i'm saying about you and the defence lyman you probably have a concussion every other play i mean it well i mean you know like i maybe not a replay but yes certainly i would consider it a concussion but it be like you've got up and i had a couple of where i kinda got like knocked out yeah i know absolutely but but i'm taking crash.

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