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Wireless best phones best networks no contracts, so the question being asked today is did LeBron make his son's basketball career more difficult by giving him the name LeBron George Foreman has how, many kids named George George Foreman has I think is it possible that it's seven kids? Named George and a daughter named georgette or is that Dion Sanders in a symbol and attributed to vanity that he named all his, kids Dion and his daughter. Deandra regardless I believe it's, George check. It could be both George George Foreman I just. Need a number on number of kids. The George Foreman as were named George he has five sons. Who are all named George and Dion Sanders Dion Sanders has named his kids after him after he conquered That sex? Addiction he doesn't have enjoyed Jettas the daughter oh so right okay so georgette is the daughter for George Foreman LeBron has named his, son LeBron and it is. Broadening and he people are, referring them. As brownies very good and there's some sound from. LeBron and what is he he's he's. Expressing remorse he's talking to John Stewart this is on the. Shop the hotly contested shop that Alabama thinks they. Invented on uninterrupted How do you give them. A piece of mind that they don't have to be you I still regret giving my fourteen year. Old my. Name because of that like when I was younger obviously? I, didn't have a. Dad so my whole whenever. I have a kid now, it's gonna be joining I'm gonna do everything that this man They they're going to experience things? That I didn't experience can do is give them the blueprint and it's up to them? To take their own course whenever that time. That's courtesy uninterrupted HBO what. Are you laughing about I, mean, we were just we were, talking before the, show during commercial breaks what's the name LeBron could get. A given given his son to create You know a less amount. Of pressure for for his son and we're thinking magic like maybe. Magic James or Michael James or Michael? Jordan James or something like that but it's it's patently, absurd to think like there's no pressure on the kid I'm sorry, there's just there's, no pressure on that, name is gonna, do the kid a lot more, good, than it will do, any sort of bad it will. LeBron just say? It's, tough to say stuff I do what's the harm of having, that, name what kind of. Pressure does have by having the name your serious as someone who has children and someone who is raised it was raising I understand his concern your, your serious. That if he had been? Frank James, somehow Michael Jordan Sunday you know what he looks like you know. What Michael Michael Jordan's son played a lot of basketball that same pressure Do you, know what Michael Jordan son even. Looks like, we are covering, LeBron James, kid earlier. Than we covered LeBron James is, a different world covering LeBron James differently. Than we covered, Michael Jordan different media I'm not, saying that, a lot of positive things won't come from having, the name LeBron James, but one of the negatives estimate pressure, everywhere you go, you're, a child star you're. You're walking in teenage circles where status matters your name is LeBron James among. Other kids, those are the kinds of things that contaminate and corrupt youth make someone grow up faster than they need to be growing up that they're. Going to be popular because of their name the moment they walk. Into room that's that seems like a? Wonderful thing for fourteen year old but how can you, say there's no pressure on the Brown James kid is he enters, the same world, his father father's hunkered, as the best, ever I mean I've just Dan, I'm, certain there's pressure I, understand that I'm a father so. I understand what? LeBron, is saying I'm just saying I'd love to have that name That's great giving the advice of parenting to LeBron James on what you'd want to have is a fourteen year old a, lot of fourteen year olds have. A lot. Of pressures okay there's a lot of fourteen year, olds who would exchange their pressures for the pressures LeBron James junior shoes he's the father of this one, boy give, him everything does he have to. Choose between, the pressures that, he's giving, he says. He made a mistake and he, has regret about naming his boy LeBron. In a personal, admission that you question is ally He wanted to have. A son named LeBron named after him, that's a great. Thing I mean maybe there's a little bit of pressure but? It's certainly no need to there's not a big life regret here if you. Call them Frank James the pressure be any less yes Oh. Really He's still the? Brand, saw no but the pressure would be less if he's, Frank James and when he's walking into, a place there are some people who don't know. That name he's still walking him with. His dad he's walking into. A place they're not going to. Be announcing there's LeBron, James junior there's. Frank James so basically all this is basically theater of the mind, LeBron James what's different is if it's LeBron or. Gary, James Kerry james You don't, think Gary James, junior Ermo put it on, the poll what is it easier to be? Gary James what is it easier to be in terms? Of pressure I think in terms of pressure because we're only talking about pressure on saying whether this kid's life, is great but the the pressure is always going to be there by being, LeBron son the only added pressure by being LeBron, James juniors when you go to the DMV and you slide the paper over that says your name only the DMV not going to bat twice, berry James they're not gonna assume you're LeBron LeBron, James, junior oh wait. A second the pressures are the, DMV honestly and then they'll never have to go to the. DMV again. That's it he's LeBron, James junior I would. No pressure I would say that as he moves through a high school in, Los Angeles it is possible for, Gerry James if his father is working to try to keep his identity quiet for Gary James to go to class and be among other students as they move their school to, Los Angeles then, LeBron James Junior the fellow. Students in his class aren't gonna, know he's LeBron LeBron you tell me if LeBron James is. Trying to. Keep that quiet do, you think he can. If LeBron James is trying to keep quiet that his son is at a, school yes or no do you, think he can suits now no it's twenty eight eighteen everyone knows what LeBron son looks like and the words gotta get out that's not a secret you can keep LeBron James, union Gary James That is straight..

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