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Your point two million it was whatever the death toll ends up being then they scared us with a hundred thousand two hundred thousand two hundred forty thousand are all leading disease forecasters hu's research the White House you is to conclude that a hundred thousand to two hundred and forty thousand people will die nationwide from the corona virus were mystified when they saw the administration's projection this what why the the administration simply relying on this modeling data so why were the modelers why were the disease forecasting forecasters mystified when they saw the administration used the number the experts said they didn't challenge they don't challenge the numbers validity but they don't know how the White House arrived at the do you see what's happening here folks they give the administration these numbers from the models administration uses them and now the modelers come back in the snow was the one girl still one with that we don't think these numbers are they hi I'm glad there's a break right now don't miss out on the best deal in town your Loudon county public library card it's here for you whenever and wherever you need it visit the library online to sign up for a temporary card and gain free access to all of the libraries digital resources for six months once you have your temporary card number you'll be able to download E. books and magazines take online classes from Lynda dot com stream music and movies and much more shop now or go to library dot Loudon dot gov to get started resorts ET one Greece in downtown Miami eighty two in sunrise at twelve thirty one Miami Dade police is feeling the effects of the corona virus but it's not being strained at the moment eighteen officers are quarantining thirteen civilian employees and we have to have tested positive and those two officers or quarantine or doing good police director Freddie Ramirez says his officers are taking their temperatures and abiding by social distancing rules knowing this fight is going to be a marathon not a sprint Broward sheriff says they've got about thirteen confirmed cases with nearly two hundred self isolating across the sheriff's office and fire rescue some of return to duty a third inmate in Broward jails has tested positive for covert nineteen the first inmate confirmed Wednesday after being brought from north Broward jail to the hospital.

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