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A lot of the off friction that we heard about between Brady and ballot. Check we've seen very publicly in some instances the Steelers and a lot of their locker room drama spilling over out into the street. They're like bad relationships where you see couples argue at certain times in public or you hear some arguments coming out some dirty look shot their way. But then they come together and make it look like the perfect family picture when you get to the season early. The patriots. The patriots of the perfect family portrait, I feel like the Steelers couple of having great sex. Like, that's the thing. That's keeping it all together. It's first and last Michael junior here on ESPN radio and the ESPN app or just being honest. I mean when you look at it. So we talked about the patriots Tom Brady. Bill Belichick both wanting respect both wanting credit. Both feeling like the, you know, especially Tom Brady side. It seems to be according to what we've heard from Ian O'Connor in this book and a number of other reports Seth wicker Sham's peace going back to last year. Which is Brady felt like he was being pushed out in a way that he didn't believe he deserved based on what he's done for this organization. Then we got everything that's happening with the Steelers. So and Tonio Brown was a no show on Monday Steelers camp this coming off of a weekend where he tweeted responding to a former Steeler staffer who insinuated that Ben Rothlisberger their quarterback made Antonio Brown. And he said trade me, and let's see. And so a lot of people connecting that with a sideline outbursts w soft may Antonio Brown. All these things snowballing that are understandable, looking at the outside and going well, combine this with everything we've seen with love EON bell and all cannot be well in Steelers company and Steelers camp, I should say. Well, Mike Tomlin as he often does coming out here to put out fires. Mike Tomlin has a very outspoken team one where we've seen things whether it was near the Facebook live stuff from year ago on Twitter spilling out from the locker room this year's exchange and public back and forth between the Steelers offensive line and some comments beyond bell. Mike Tomlin is never going to leak any of this stuff. Every time. I see a coach or a player slip up in front of the media and people talk about the difficulties dealing with it. I said no because Mike Tomlin's out here making it look easy for you guys. This is Mike Tomlin yesterday talking about what he will. And will not discuss when it comes to Antonio Brown. Like I said last week..

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