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Goldberg and co founder and CEO vaccine. Jim van Bantu high is with us Joe here, we go. Kids, isn't it something every president every campaign will have their closing arguments, and you can go back, and whether it was Barack Obama or whether it was Ronald Reagan, whoever was running for president Vail always had and their parties always had their closing argument. This is why you should reelect us. This is why you should this is our message. This is this is who we are. Now. Normal times Republicans would use that tax cut that they passed that was supposed to be their closing argument or. Perhaps the supreme court justices or perhaps Donald Trump, you know, bragging about remaking the judiciary, of course, lying saying. He's appointed more judges than any other president since George Washington. You could go down the line of things that you would expect the economy this president to use his closing argument. But what Donald Trump, and what the Republican party that is now been completely taken over by Donald Trump is using his is racism, and you see it Donald Trump saying he's going to circle the constitution with an executive Ori? Can't do that. He knows he can't he's hoping there enough stupid voters out there that don't understand. You can't do that. You have people on right wing talk radio and right wing TV talking about this mall pox, but we Aratu gated. That was oh migrants gonna bring in smallpox and other diseases. You have the most outrageous claims the present talking about ten cities and. Get this. James Mattis, couldn't even talk Donald Trump in at first into keeping enough troops to three or four thousand troops in Syria to defeat and finish ISIS and to push back Orion. Could talk him into doing that. And yet he's sending five thousand troops down to the border. When that's not what our troops need to do or troops need to be home with their families in between all of these tours because. My god. These these people are over thousand miles away probably aren't gonna even get to the border. It's anything like last time. Maybe twelve thirteen will be arrested. But again, it's not about anything other than scaring Americans and actually appealing to the most racist base instincts. And if it works, God help us all I don't think it will. We've got a new poll we're going to talk about that shows Donald Trump's approval ratings dropping which is not a surprise given his dreadful performance over the past week. Well. The Pentagon announced it will deploy fifty two hundred additional troops to the southern border by the end of this week in response to a caravan of migrants, but aren't Central America Ming, actually. Yeah. In response to nothing. It's incredible. The announcement marks the largest quick deployment of active duty US troops since the response to the twenty ten earthquake in Haiti former officials told the Wall Street Journal, the troops and mix of active duty reserve and national guard forces will join more than two thousand national guard members already at the US Mexico border exceeding, the combined US military footprint in Iraq and Syria. Just take a second and insane. They're going to be staring at the border at nothing dirt. And they are doing it warranty. You Mika the day after the election. They're going to start. Talking about pulling them back. If anybody ever gets down there they will be pulled back because his an election ploy, and it's a one because actually now Donald Trump is playing with the lives of the men and the women and the US military mak- time when we've had a terrorist attack on our democracy, and on top Democrats and Trump critics or focused on the board of the top US border security official estimates. The size of the original caravan at thirty five hundred people President Trump tweeted yesterday, quote, many gang members, and some very bad people are mixed into the caravan heading to our southern border. Please go back you will not be admitted into the United States unless you go through the legal process. This is an invasion of our country and our military. This is such a lie. It's it's again, I I how stupid how stupid does he think voters are? It's worse than that you because he's not only talking about the military as we've already mentioned yesterday. We saw some people on Fox News.

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