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Godsend yeah well the one on the saints i happened to catch and they were very blunt about and then finally in the last three minutes their season and chance at the super bowl was stolen from them by the officials. This team was a super bowl team last year. So what is what does this say that they're not going. And what more more motivation could you have then what happened last year the defense if you believe in briefs still the offense is gonna score. You're a ton of points. This team has a secret weapon. Remember dante hall the joystick nick return for the chiefs. They've got a rookie named deontay harris. Who's five foot six in in every time i see him. Return a punt. He gets at least twenty yards this lottery n._f._l. In five foot five return guys like us to be bearman little gerald ice cube mcneil election. I'm going to say prediction. Our next episode is going to go. Get my lunch props. I have one saints related. I wanna share it so badly right now. Don't but i can't holster. Strip can't do it holster in your excited greg. This is your favorite team really know two lane ties and all that they found some people in camp including manual butler undrafted rookies venison station their first draft pick eric carolina panthers a final reminder that the panthers were six and two before cam shoulder went kabui last year carolina was a top offense <hes> that had scored ninety nine points in their previous nine quarters <hes> before the injury norv turner was on fire all or nothing producers poop in their pants at the thought of documenting a super bowl seen. We know what happened next. My question is now. They are healthy and hopefully camps healthy. The offensive line is hypothetically been approved. The defense had some much needed parts added to it. Are we sleeping a little bit on the panthers. I once again being a true n._f._c. contender and a chance to win that division why i would submit that this studio is not. This podcast is not sleeping on the panthers. We see them as a contender tender. I put them in the playoffs in the n._f._l. Dot com predictions. I wish i had just picked them to win the division because you know have some some balls. Put your love of the saints precluded. You know because i'm i'm with you. There could be a top seven eight team in the n._f._l. For sure i mean in one beating drum that's been going on the whole time is curtis samuel growing and d._j. More second year here i mean there's there are some weapons for cam newton finally if he can. There's no chance that camps gonna come back from the shoulder. Surgery and retire become like a chad eddington type scenario. Now i'll reports. He's he's throwing the ball great. They said that but every quarterback now the philosophies uptick this summer. That's i don't know what to believe anymore anymore..

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