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Looked like he was apologizing for doing that one thirty left in the period. Two nothing lightning. So again to reset point gets the goal from kucherov and Johnson and braided scores. His twenty fifth goal of the season. Faceoff be in a right of Celeski hit with the puck twice in about. Shot it off his face kucherov shot it off somewhere body in a one of the net within the net. But matters. Dubinsky and stamped goes to the right of ASA Laskey. One by stamkos here strong. But in the near corner fumbling the Puckett jobs for gore out to seraglio etcetera. Now stamp goes across the blue line set point mcdonagh high slot Yanni Gord put it in front seraglio redirection wide rate. Nice pass to rebound loose along the near side, Riley Nash trying to clear stamkos blocks it. But dubinsky follows up directs four Renske of Hanna kind and dumps it in Sara Lee scoops it right back out. Here come snap goes just over a minute to go in the period across the blonde Yanni. Gord left point guard protects it sweeps at Anthony, Sara Lee, right point, a stamkos right corner. By that gourd out of his reach Riley Nash zips it out to center Luc du bois pass went behind ski. Yes. To regroup at his own blue line, then he turns it over at center ice to Sara Lee across the blue line, right circle. Seraglio right point, Dan, Girardi, shoots deflected just wide right by Gordon. Jim rebound. Here's Sara Lee, right corner, right circle. Kucherov set point Girardi sickle. Headman shoots made rebound gorge shoots and again rebound. Kucherov shoots hit traffic in front. There are about six players standing in front right there. Buck played by headmen left point twenty two to go in the period strong finish here, but the lightning in the period minutes pass taken away by wild cleared out to center ice danger, Ardy hammers at back in Ryan Murray has the puck with twelve seconds left in the period of final. Rush up the middle to center ice in Dewa. Lightning zone makes a move left circle. Dangerous hair a shot deflected while up by headmen antilock jobs at all hold on to the far corner as the horn will.

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