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Both sides eastbound I. twenty at FM twenty five seventy eight and Terrel that construction is backing traffic up about ten minutes on this for five fifty seven with K. alive right now traffic of Michael Scott I'm meteorologist Brad Martin our weather's going to get progressively hotter and more humid as we go through the weekend about ninety ninety one today light winds of the ozone and mold concentrations might bother you a little bit low near seventy five tonight partly cloudy breezy humid about eighty nine to ninety tomorrow ninety one on Saturday in either of those days Friday or Saturday could have some isolated showers storms but mainly east of I thirty five Sunday wrapped in ninety two the heat stress index ninety eight and Monday will be ninety three with a heat index of a hundred and two I'm KLIF W. B. Peter just bread bar we're all feeling the weight of the nineteen kids in poverty around the world things are becoming yes join compassion international will provide for a family thank you one time forty dollars via text three three nine three the governor backtracking on re opening our state to business and have you changed your life because of coronavirus we'll talk about it today at four on five seventy KLIF anytime there's uncertainty in the economy one thing increases with certainty crime make sure your home is safe and secure with a one locksmith and security A. one offers turn key security solutions for your home including keyless entry systems and heirloom quality safe from brands like liberty and Browning keep your valuables and guns under lock and key and enjoy the peace of mind you'll have as a result a one locksmith and security has been offering turn key locksmith services to the DFW community for over sixty five years as a family owned business they are honored to continue to assist in keeping their neighbors safe and secure call today and ask about the free a one locksmith and security home security evaluation or just swing by with ten metroplex locations is probably one right in your neighborhood get extra keys may see their safety person or get a spare key program for your car so you are prepared call today at nine seven two five seven no fifty seven hundred or go to eight dash one locksmith dot com a one locksmith and security offering turnkey peace of mind for your family on the cover let's get to a plan back on five seventy K. ally out what you're about to hear is the fusion of entertainment and this program.

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