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Of these procedures will be done by. The assisted by artificial intelligence. So needless gastroenterologist. So it's becoming a much more much less human aspect of medicine a very technical so like checking heavier car check out but I think this is going to be balanced fi the ascendancy of of integrative medicine so it will change the balance and. Yeah I I think. That is hard to predict you know menu to the diseases were Mike Obama has been implicated. It may turn out that. It's not that important as we as some people think at the moment wars in others, it may be you know we have major impact like the whole testing of metabolites and gene expression in the stool may allows to personalise. A medical interventions. microbiomes is very different young share by ten percent with each other. So, that could be revolutionary and there's some. Philly advanced commercial products that going that direction. And then ABC's scientists is moving so fast that many other changes will happen in the medical field that you know people will not be able to catch up with reading the text books fast enough because the. Developments are just too fast and science right now. Well, that's an exciting time to because we're going to learn a lot about how to optimize health. Absolutely. Yes. So it's in the most general term health will be more important than disease I think in the future. Yeah. I. One of my favorite sayings is Um that I made up is it's better to stay on top of your health rather than underneath disease and I think that kind of brings this whole concept altogether why wait until you get sick when you can understand what happens when you do and try to prevent it absolutely I mean there was a recent study in a very large number of patients I. think he came out of the Harbor.

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