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One why is that? They asked? Well, that's when the vaccine could really be distributed throughout society. The question is now we talked about this earlier this week, I think we're last week that about two thirds or more of Americans do not WanNa take this vaccines right now. At all. So what do people like? Redfield, foul CI and the other is going to do essentially it sounds like they're going to be holding the country hostage. Hey if you guys don't want to take the vaccine, we don't have to open up. A mafia tactic but as time goes on, they're going to have more answering to do because. In Nashville that got caught another one guy got caught on on what they what they have been reporting. You know it was all completely fudged. And they they didn't count the can't count They point out the clustering at nursing homes and and then they falsely claimed that the the bars always assess the problem and we have to be smart enough to know who are essential who aren't essential, and that's a complete nonsense because in in a free. Society. Everybody's essential. Everybody's property is essential and everybody should protect their property and have a right to protect their property but they don't have. This does not condone the government to preempt and say, we know what is best for your health, your safety, your your physical wellbeing, your economic wellbeing, and it is this concept that has been working through population for Hundred Years Really. Bad. So it's very natural when there's a crisis which is concocted and extremely exaggerated the people have no place to go in Utah. Once you teach people to live totally dependent. You know on Largesse and government handouts and the correction has to come there is no easy answer can't be found in the people who created it. It has to come from the people who could have prevented this and that is allowing people to be free. That's why this can be all solved by. No mandates yeah. Well, this Nashville scandal is really something and. Not a big. Big In favor of jails, but really some people do deserve some time behind bars. So what happened Dr Paul? Some emails were leaked of the internal communications between the the city health department and some consultants they had so going back to June thirtieth the Nashville authorities contact traced. People where they found a corona Klausner, where did this come from and they discovered that a thousand cases came from nursing homes about one thousand came from construction and bars and restaurants only produced twenty two cases. So the health department official, Leslie Waller said quote these are in emails. You can see this this isn't going to be publicly released right just to the mayor's office. The adviser Benjamin Eagles said correct not for public consumption. Let's hide the fact that people are not catching this at bars and restaurants that have been close and so a little bit later reporter for the Tennessee lookout nate row..

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