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Your bench players. Do you think the problem at the finals not to play if I must going to find those because if they us? Finals. Finals. Couldn't talk about the final. It's a great clip. Love more taking this taking us back in time, by the way, the call of the Kevin Durant. A Steph curry three rather courtesy of ninety five point seven the game out of the bay area. Bench production. We'll see and we'll see how big of an issue it it. It is down the stretch. You love the starting five of Golden State. We all know that. But I think in the playoffs that's obvious going to have to pick up. I'm sure it probably will pick up at last night was not a good example, again, just a fourteen of Golden State one hundred twenty five points coming from the badge, but they get the win over Sacramento Kings lost combined with the Lakers win means L A is now a game behind the scenes for the nine spot two and a half behind the clippers for the eighth and final playoff spot. Now coming out of that game Oakland. Three warriors of the past came together before the game players, Jason Richardson, Steven Jackson. And former Golden State head coach, Don Nelson, Don Nelson, of course, had a long prosperous career coaching multiple teams. Well, remembered, of course for Golden State. Well, remember, of course for Dallas among others. Don, Nelson has been enjoying life. He's he's seventy eight years old. He is clearly done with basketball. And he has found frankly, something that enjoys him living out way out west. And before the game. He was asked. Hey, what's up coach? Utah..

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