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Welcome back to season. Two of jury duty the trial of robert durst. I'm your host carry anthony lewis and joined by my co host brittany bookbinder yesterday. After months of anticipation robert durst took the witness stand. As we have reported on multiple occasions dirks lawyers have repeatedly moved for a mistrial based on their assertion that his various health issues have rendered him unable to participate in his own defense. Contrary to these repeated assertions robert durst appeared alert and focused providing cogent testimony during the beginning of dicta guarantee direct examination in this episode. We want to present an update of the highlights from his first day of testimony. Later in this episode. We'll talk with reporter charles bagley about what we can expect from robert durst in the days ahead. That's coming up. After the break. In his opening statement robert durst. Attorney dicta garin summed up the defense narrative. Concisely bob durst did not kill susan berman. And he doesn't know who did. He opened his direct examination of durst addressing these points. One by one of know us know who did not to garin. Then i to tell the jury about his health issues. Are you hard of hearing. I am more you have hearing aids. Do they help have hearing she. They helped durst gave a rundown of his various conditions. All of which were outlined. Dr klein's report. He started with hydrocephalus and concluded with the uncertain future of his cather bag. And the catheter. That you mentioned the courses visible to jurors to coming down from your leg into the device on your wheelchair hold up no garin then moved onto durst childhood and specifically to his memory of his mother before your mother died. Who among your family did you favor. And who among your family did your brother. Douglas favor.

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