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Show was cancelled by CBS and M. S. N. B. C. after he made racist comments about the rector's women's basketball team I'm this way to return to radio I will never say anything that will make any of these young women that rockers regret or feel foolish that they accepted my apology and forgave me I missed died in Texas from complications of lung disease a tour helicopter in Hawaii carrying a pilot and six passengers has been found there were two separate families aboard that flight a family of two and a family of four six bodies have been recovered CBS news correspondent Danya Bacchus has the latest the Coast Guard says the pilot radioed the helicopters positioned forty five minutes before was due to land about forty five minutes after the aircraft is due back in the evening the door company reported it missing it was all along the prescribed route that all of the tour helicopters normally fly the tours are popular for the birds eye view of some of the most lush and steep parts of the island the company that ran the torso far helicopters had operated for more than thirty years with the clean safety record rescue workers are expected to resume their search later today I checked your share of says two people were shot and killed in multiple others wounded when a group firing of filming rather a music video was ambushed Harris County sure of ad Gonzalez says at least eight people were shot last night in a residential neighborhood north of Houston he said a group had been filming a music video in a parking lot when they were ambushed by quote individuals in cars hand or foot that fired shots each the sheriff says the injuries among the wounded varied and just some were being treated for very serious injuries no arrests have been made in that case tragedy for one of the heroes of last year's rescue of a soccer team in a cave in Thailand CBS news correspondent Buck Michigan with details holding some information from the Bangkok post newspaper and the the person who was involved in that in the story was very down Friday Bangkok post reports that Beirut pock borrow was buried Friday he was one of the time navy seals who helped rescue twelve young soccer players and their coach trapped in a flooded cave in twenty eighteen during the rescue he contracted a blood infection local media reports he'd been in and out of hospitals ever since he died after the infection spread into his blood this is the second navy seal connected to that rescue who's died another navy diver died while resupplying oxygen tanks during the twenty eighteen rescue but Michigan.

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