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Into san francisco don't take one a one northbound it's slow from before ninety two essentially all the way up into downtown san francisco because of the bark problems that continue although bart's delays only twenty minutes so one one is seems even worse to eighty in northbound is fine until you get passed nineteenth avenue in its usual stop and go into the downtown area one north also standard jim in san jose starting at almost blossom hill stay slow up into palo alto joe mcconnell for kiki at eight fifty one traffic brought to you by positive coaching alliance this is the california report good morning i'm penny nelson candidates for mayor in san francisco aired out their differences over how to address homelessness at a forum last night most of the candidates on stage including supervisor london breed and former supervisor angela allio are pushing for more supportive housing supervisor jane kim agreed but says the city cannot do it alone we have to address this as a state and sacramento has to declare a state of emergency on the homeless crisis that we're seeing here in the state of california la has had sixty percent increase in its homeless count just in the last couple of years so we're not the only county that's experiencing it but when counties like moran refused to have a three hundred sixty five days shelter system that's a problem voters in san francisco will elect their new mayor in the june election the social media giant facebook is under fire for what's being called a breach of around fifty million users data by third party company cambridge politica but the more this story is dissect did it's looking like it may not be a hacker a data breach but instead business as usual when third party companies go datamining.

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