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Well it looks like the airlines are may be on their way back nobody was flying for a while what business needs to be done United says it looks like they might be getting getting some capacity back Ryan burl they B. C. news is here to tell us about that right I know it's been a a real hit for the airlines of course they did have the of the the the bail out from the government but even so not much capacity and the at least there's some optimism that that might be changing here so and and a lot of that will probably be based on us the consumer right how willing are we to get into those big tubes and fly from destination to destination now with everything we know about the spread of coal that nineteen and and some of the areas that have been hot spots the one thing that the four Casper bowls Southwest Airlines and United Airlines which were released today identified is added an easing of the curve if you will when it comes to demands because things obviously bottom doubts in March and April but may they're starting to see those two airlines are starting to see more buying of tickets then canceling of tickets and that's obviously a good sign that means you can start may be treading water here a little bit in fact some of their projections expect by mid summer maybe these airlines will be up to twenty five thirty forty percent capacity compared to where they were one year earlier now that's sent doesn't sound great and you know if you open a business and were you know getting sixty seventy percent less obviously that would be awful but when you're talking about where we're coming from when basically you know there was a ninety per at for the the decline was ninety percent below what you're getting before sixty or seventy doesn't sound too bad so there there slowly but surely getting there and I think as we see more states start to open up it will really begin to test us as the American consumer as to what our demand will be how bad do we want to get out and about and start flying again this is going to be a slow process are we going to go out and do our summer vacations in R. V.'s and trains or you know whatever for the next few years or are we ready to jump back on that plane and feel comfortable so this is very anecdotal and and it it means nothing except for one case but I have a friend who is a sales rep and flies out of global to to to visit his clients and he was talking to a couple yesterday about maybe coming back to to see them and do some things and they said gosh I don't know you're going through Atlanta right you're flying out a little upset protector I'm not really sure we want you you know coming in the office can't we still do this through zoom or something like that so I I mean I really do wonder how receptive people are going to be to to flying into and I I just think it's going to be a long time before we flip the switch and it's going to be like it was that's a great point too because there are two kinds of fires right you've got the recreational flyers the people are going on vacations the families that are flying to Disney world families that are you know going out to is the you know flying out to California or what have you and then you've got the business wire and now they've been working for the last two plus months via zoom via other social media platforms and you know why shell out hundreds of dollars for tickets when you know you can do a face to face meeting that was zero so it's definitely going to change the way we do business and perhaps that could impact the the airline industry as well I just looked at stocks by the way that this morning when this news came out about you know the the some positive signs that these airlines were saying we saw stock shoot up American Airlines United Airlines delta southwest at now in the afternoon the numbers don't look quite as rosy so maybe they kind of came back down to earth a little bit realize yet maybe we need to tap the brakes maybe maybe this isn't going to us quite as we thought well I guess the other thing that that I'll be really interested to see is how how much are people going to want to fly you know in in Vegas of course you you saw where the the mayor was obviously very upset about it and and should we open the strip at but right now if we open this trip tomorrow I don't know how many people would want to fly out to Vegas for a vacation I'm sure somewhat I don't know how many people are going to want to go to Disney world or Disneyland or you know any of these vacation spots for a while I will just have to see how that all happens right it goes down to the micro level two I mean we could talk about your neighborhood bar and restaurant right actually gonna want to go no doubt about it right I really appreciate the time here thanks very much for joining us today Ryan burl telling us about the of the latest involving United Airlines and Southwest and serve others they're open to what they have lots of people back in the air they want you to start flying again and hopefully we'll get get some business transacted get some vacations going.

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