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He saying I didn't I didn't think we broke any new ground at the Cuban. You could just tell you a little bit like that. Indicated there might be something little I guess that was just a mostly right now. But do you think they're done? You know, I think of Allard allergies. Great Alabama's good up. There. The analytical guy wasn't that impressive. But I hear rave reviews about him. So I'm sure he does a fine job. I think they need to do. Now, Joe is add another starting pitcher. And there's a guy sitting out there. And I know he's not great. But to add him just so the Mets don't have to face him would be totally worth. And he's better than Jason Vargas, you're ready. Everybody's better than Jason. That is true GIO Gonzalez. Oh, yeah. And he wins all the time. It's at city field. What's his record? At city field GIO Gonzalez of wins. Gio gonzalez. Jason fog is. That close wasn't. On what's GIO Gonzalez? I know he wouldn't be teaching against the Mets. But once GIO Gonzalves lifetime record ac- field. I'm pulling it up. It's it's ridiculous. It's absurd. I do know that I know. But I'll give you the exact number. I'll get it. I'll get it for he wants to. But he's a guy. They just need a fifth starter. Jason Vargas, you tell me to Mets get GIO Gonzalez. Are you kidding? It is reading he's the fourth or fifth starter. Oh my God. No, it's it's is he's made seventeen starts. He's eleven and two with a one point seven five ERA free agent. You'll gonzales. Yeah. Oh, I'd sign them into nanosecond like that. Oh, okay. Are you like it? You love it. That's I would I would actually be excited. Look at this. They don't you agree with that. But why Gonzales brought up Jay? As as better than Matt's..

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