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So all these kids were really scared about getting arabi shot and you know the other councillors were like you just gotta get him to do it like you know it's it's optional but they really should do it so they offered arabi shot at the camp no he had to go to the lake southern main medical center so it's i was like it's a fun field trip like wearing it ice cream after it's gonna be so fun and they were like it sounds like it's going to hurt and here's where i live and i said no guys i've had arabi shot before then it's fine it so fine i was like i'm gonna go with you i'm in and get one myself because i was in there with you guys and you know what you can watch me get it so you'll know that it's not uh scary experience and here's where i made a crucial mistake um watch uh and selig were a couple of them came back with me because they wanted to watch homeless smart enough not to do it and um somebody new rely yeah so i got back there and i'm like trying to keep my cool you know be like i know what i'm doing i've been is the you know not my first time at the rodeo kids but everything they're saying i might getting sweater and sweater 'cause i it's not at all i expected near like a case aware basing the amount of do in each shot i mean i'm sure that in sekou case of the amount of rabies grew in each shot is dependent on your weight and obviously i'm the heaviest one navy her so i got the most gu and they had the split up into two shots behind at all i am needed to and then i didn't realize that they do it in your but.

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