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For you know that area were vacation there often enough to to know the area that's where it's at but nobody's been reported to be sean i think there's been a one person reported to have a grazed wound from a bullet but law enforcement agencies are on the scene ems on the scene and they've been shot at from reports they're saying that there was a suspicious death on white hair and drive in santa rosa beach that is connected to this situation so a death possibly murder or whatever goes down in there they're trying to find the suspect of maybe they find the guy and then a shootout ensues police chase we're not really sure because everybody's been trying to stay away from the area that's obviously not within our listening audience but many of you guys know panama city probably have plans to go to panama city this summer or something like that but that's going on right now and if we get any more breaking information on that we'll obviously bring it to you but just a kind of a crazy scene down there something you don't normally see at the beach that i can recall at least not very often so that's going on also something we talked about yesterday a a meeting that was supposed to a press briefing a press conference that was supposed to pop off at ten o'clock this morning in fact did it was a press conference led by lee zeldin who we know is the republican representative from new york he and twelve other representatives introduced or submitted a resolution which demands the appointment of a second special counsel probe into the misconduct by the doj and the fbi during the two thousand sixteen presidential election now that's go can contain the spying that was going i can even go on into the hillary clinton email investigation which all ties together when it comes down to it but all pertaining to the two thousand sixteen election this is more than just people calling for it or pundits on tv talking about it these are people actually submitting a bill saying we are officially requesting a second special counsel neil you're gonna hear people say oh we don't need another special council it's just convolute things and these things just to spider web and they bubba there will be parameters set this time for the scope of their investigation of.

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