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As we mentioned before and again, Brian, keep keep bringing it back up, But I love that preservation. Just trying to preserve what you've worked so hard for your entire life. When it comes to retirement, 9198521215 and Makayla Rollie are still doing the zoom appointments as well. That's correct. We are It's whatever folks feel most comfortable with. We are perfectly set up to accommodate for people via zoom. We've got our plastic dividers, and if they want to come in an office, and if you want to get out of the house, we can do whatever people like you and you know, it's interesting we had last week was All zoom week. That mean, we? I think we had everybody doing zoo meetings right before it was about 50 50. So okay, it changes from week to week depending on who's coming to the office, And you know a lot of times our families. You know, if they've been with us a long time, they'd like to come in and, you know, at least sit down a couple times a year, But, you know, obviously, it's been a little bit easier and more comfortable for some of our families to do The show me totally understand it, particularly if they're Got some of the risk factors that aren't aren't great to have, you know, with covert in terms of having respiratory disease and things like that, or if you've got you know a person in your house that's at risk, So we get it. We understand. You know, we call it the no judgment zone. In terms of what you're comfortable with. We're comfortable. If you want to come in and sit down. We're more than happy to do that. If you feel more comfortable doing assume meeting, we will do whatever is more convenient and more comfortable for you at this time. We're pretty lucky in 2021 that we can do the zoom meetings because Brian McKellen, we couldn't do this 20 years ago, Back in 1985. We couldn't set up a virtual appointment, so we're very lucky to have that option and again, Rollie well solutions dot com business up top and then you could do pajama pants on the bottom. So that's what when you want to set up that zoom appointment or give me a call. 9198521215 and we talked about the questions that we ask him like that. I enjoy asking you questions because I'm getting educated, like, hopefully you are, too If you're listening to Raleigh's retirement coach, but we hit the streets task of our listeners. All right, you get the opportunity to talk to a financial professional. What do you want to know? You know what the rules change. I'm planning for what the status is right now. I just hope it doesn't change drastically. The number one question I have about retirement is having enough money to last until I no longer needed. Which means, you know If I live long enough, I may outlive my my outlive your savings as well. I think she was going to say there and I think what rules were changing is I'm sure common question. You get a my gonna outlive my savings. What are some of the biggest questions that you get? Well, I think that this this little clip, you know, going out talking to our listeners. The number one question we get asked is Do I have enough, And that's the number one concern that folks have when they come and talk to us if they want to make sure They're never going to run out of money and that they can do so without compromising their lifestyle. And s. So I would say that that is the number one question that we get Aston. It brings us great joy to, you know, give people clarity and regards to that answer and the number two especially with you know the volatility that we saw last year. All the changes that we've had an administration. People want to know what are the rules going to change? Because, you know, we always say the one thing that's constant is change. So you want to make sure that your plan is flexible and is going to adapt favorably. Two things that you might not be able to control and it's important to have a plan or else you can't adapt. The plane's got to be fluid. It does give us you know some sense of satisfaction when you know people of the biggest thing that they're concerned about his Hey, will my savings outlast me, and then we put together an income strategy. Plan takes into consideration taxes and inflation and current revenue streams. And then we put a plan together to make sure that they never will run out of income and that it could have The retirement that they've always imagined at the lifestyle. You know that they've always imagined after you know, putting in 30 40 years off good, hard, honest work that that's something that does give us a lot of satisfaction. And you know, when people walk out of here, they know they've got a plan that they can pretty much take to the bank and that it's not going to fail because we're using very conservative numbers were making sure we're gonna stress test that plan every which way to Sunday. To make sure that if we tell somebody you're good that they can take that to the bank because we've done the work and what I mean by that is we've looked at their expenses we've built in margin we've accommodated for long term care. We've accommodated for inflation. We've accommodated for taxes, and you don't know everything that's going to happen. But when we've got over 60 years of experience and helping people with this particular phase of their life, we've seen a lot of it so we can make sure That we've we've gone through this hundreds of times, thousands probably, and you don't get a do over when it comes to retirement, So our goal is to make sure we can alleviate those blind spots that people may have not thought of on their own. And make sure that we already have a plan in place before it even happens, You know? Can I put you on the spot and ask you this? I know you get a lot of questions regarding finances. And how do I get prepared for retirement? What's the strangest question you've got? Well, I could remember his friend a few years, but I can remember somebody coming in That had $100,000 in savings and $240,000 in credit card debt. And you know they were paying 17 18% of her credit card debt, and they wanted to know when they could retire. It's like, Well, I mean, yeah, that was probably one of the strangest moment on and the strange part was they didn't even Realized like they were in a lot of trouble. So there was a big disconnect there. And I'm like who we wait. Gotta this has got to be paid off. Oh, yeah. I'm gonna pay that. No, no, this isn't it eventually faded. Now that's like to be the most important thing. I'm like. You can't retire. It won't work and so That was really just a very it That's only happened maybe twice in 25 26 years. But it's important, though, that they at least came to you like Of course, they're not on the right path. I need to get their debt in order before they start looking at retirement, But the fact that they trusted you enough to say, what can I do to get there? And that's kind of a sign of what you do it really well solutions. If you have those questions about Am I on the right path? Doesn't cost anything just to give him a call. But if you are looking towards retirement, and you do have that $750,000 saved up and no credit card debt. Listen, they're gonna buy that 250,000 credit card dead. That's probably not a good telling you now started. That's only look. We've met with hundreds of thousands of people over 25 years. Totally having twice. So get that credit card paid off. And then let's talk about retirement 9198521215. They won't give you a complimentary A second opinion again. 9198521215 normally cost $995. But this weekend, the first seven callers if you have that $750,000 saved up and you're ready to retire, just let him look at just let him look at your portfolio and help you make the right decisions..

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