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The energy of the crowd and getting immediate response now don't get me wrong i would agree that editing can be an important tool to use just as a slab of marble needs to be chiseled down to reveal it's hidden truth but far too many artists continued to whitlow at the edges believing that the truth already revealed is not pure enough or the whole notion of truth has been lost to them and eventually like all illconceived works that continue chipping well it eventually breaks off an essential piece which falls to the florin shatters pieces no matter the effort to put it back together the pieces forever altered all artists need to know when enough is enough now i'm gonna say something very important here and if you only take away one thing take away this to know how to edit a piece successfully one needs to know when the truth is surfaced and allow it to exist in whatever stage of completion it appears any effort beyond this will result in a waste an exposure lack of connection to your vision and your talent okay i'm gonna leave the wrap up at this point as i'm going to show an example of restraint on my own part i believe the point has been declared quite clearly and edit it further would only muddy the waters you know you have to have a strong connection to your vision in order to produce work that is seen for what it is now before i in this show there's someone i wanna talk about as i've been recently introduced to their life and work and was very impressed with the amount of effort and support they provided artists and the beginning stages of their career my friend kristen from green room pr well she spoke to me about one of the many talents they represent his name is bobby bones and he's an absolute champion.

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