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Trump believes that it was a good thing, but self lost the Civil war. Now I'm going to replay that for you one more time. So for those of you who think Oh, that's just something. Trump Sica pants say they're always out to get the media. This was a legitimate question. Asked to the White House press secretary. Does he believe that President Trump believed that it was a good thing itself lost the Civil War? Good Lord, What is the response? She basically just said That's a ridiculous question because he had like a 34 part question. That was part one. She basically just dismissed it. That's ridiculous Question and went on. But the fact that she actually has to respond to that. Yeah, It reminds me of Chris Farley talking to Paul McCartney. Remember that SNL skit? You remember when you were in the Beatles? That was awesome. This is the same level of questioning you get from some of these White House reporters. Now the Washington Post editor. She's had to delete a tweet. Hasn't been a good stretch for the Wapo. We talked about this yesterday. They've had some some bad takes last couple of days where they've had to apologize for things or delayed things. Here's another delish in this was a tweet from the Washington Post editor. Quote white women are lucky. We're not calling for revenge. Okay, now, keep in mind while the Washington Post Global opinions editor is an African American woman. Okay, so she was like a white women are lucky. We're not just calling you. Karen's not calling for revenge, right? That tweet has since been Oh, wow. What a shocker. Everybody's Mr Tough guy. Everybody's Johnny. Tough guy, Billy Badass when they put in that tweet out there and they're hitting. Send But when they start getting some blowback, that's when they're real quick to delete again. I'd almost have more respect for this chick. If you just would have kept it up. Said You know what I said? What I said Come at me, bro. But that's not what happened here. Absolutely ridiculous. So there's this new trend on Twitter right now, since we're speaking of Twitter. Where people are answering a question, But it's something that would not make any sense a year ago. That makes perfect sense now. Something that would not, you know, even make no sense at all in 2019 but makes perfect sense in 2020. Here's an example of what I'm wearing. They wouldn't let me into the bank because that wasn't wearing a mask. That's a yeah, that would make any sense in 2019 makes total sense right now, but one year ago wouldn't make any sense at all. They wouldn't let me into the bank because I wasn't wearing a mask. Here are some other things that Twitter has decided. Wouldn't make any sense one year ago, but make complete sense right now. You found Clorox wipes. Somebody wants to get laid. Yeah, that would make zero since this time last year, but this year Wow. Yeah, that was a beautiful zoom wedding. I gotta be honest. One year ago. I have no idea what zoom even thrown away. Not at all. Ah! You're invited to my daughters Drive by 10th birthday. Ah, The drive by parties are so ridiculous, but she always got to give him a wave or seeing you honk your horn because it sucks to have a party right now, man. I feel bad for the kids that had to have birthday parties during locked down. Um, I'm glad the murder hornets weren't worse. Remember? Horace didn't really turn out to be anything there. Did they now they did. The murder hornets were the Ryan a leaf of this, 2020 drowned. A lot of hype coming in. Some people thought they'd be bigger and better and stronger than a lot of things. But it turns out they were just a waste of everybody's time. Murder hornets with Ryan Leaf of 2020 here's some more things according to Twitter quote, just ate my 39th loaf of home made bread. And traded the 40th foursome toilet paper. So again, those were some things that make perfect sense in 2020 Would have got a blown people's minds one year ago coming up next after all this talk after all this crap we've been dealing with. We need some booze, so we'll do some booze news and maybe crack a beer next. Have you added up the total amount of credit card debt you owe. Don't be afraid to find out because it can all go away with a phone call that golden oak lending. Imagine the feeling of freedom..

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