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The death and destruction. Thousands of survivors were in internment camps overseen by the National Guard. I'm to Maguire. AP News I'm Ed Donahue. President Biden is in Tulsa, Oklahoma, He was told by Michelle Brown verdicts about the massacre 100 years ago in Tulsa in the area known as Black Wall Street, this land where we stand now is considered sacred ground. This was once home to Black Wall Street. In this image, which is dated 1917. You can see black owned businesses lining the streets of Greenwood Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre says the president is set to announce new measures to help narrow the wealth gap between blacks and whites and reinvest in underserved communities. Frankly, he plans to discuss Shared sense of frustration and pain that justice has been denied to these families for so long in Chicago over the four day weekend Memorial Day, there were Four murders. It was the lowest in 10 years. Police Superintendent David Brown says there was a big drop in the number of murders in May for the entire year. There's been more murders in Chicago than this time last year. Has been a shooting at a Los Angeles County Fire Department station home about 10 miles from the station is on fire, and there's a heavy police presence. It's unclear if it's connected to the shooting. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg says their pullout from Afghanistan is going well as it least six people were killed in a serious of attacks that plunged the country's capital Kabul into darkness. Three explosions rattled the city, one heavily damaged an electrical grid station in north Kabul. Police in San Francisco say a female officer of Asian descent responding to a call about a man making threats to people in Chinatown, was attacked by the suspect, who was later arrested on assault and hate crime charges. Grammy nominated rapper The Baby is being questioned by Miami Beach police regarding a shooting that wounded two people. No arrests have been made. Stocks have been wobbling up and down ahead of the closing bell. This is AP News. Japan's vaccine push ahead of the Olympics next month could be a little too late. That's the realization sinking in that Japan's scrambles to catch up on a frustratingly slow vaccination drive. Now the Japan doctors Union says the Olympics risk becoming an incubator for what they call a Tokyo variant as 15,000 foreign athletes. Tens of thousands off officials, sponsors and journalists from around 200 countries to send on on potentially mixed with a largely unvaccinated Japanese population with infections in Tokyo on other heavily populated areas currently at high levels, experts have warned this little slack in the system. I'm Charles Dillon, Desmond Hailey Moore Niego didn't hesitate when she saw a large bear facing off with their families, Dogs on the top of a wall and their Southern California backyard. A 17 year old ran outside and shove the bear away, then rounded up the dogs and went back inside the house. It was all caught on video. Ed Donahue. AP News The Vatican law criminalizes abuse of adults by priests and laity. Pope Francis has changed church law to explicitly criminalize the sexual abuse of adults by priests who abuse their authority. It also says Lay people who hold church office can be sanctioned for sex abuse crimes. The new provisions were contained in the revised criminal laws section of the Vatican's Code of Canon law. That's the in house legal system that covers the 1.3 billion member Catholic Church. Lot recognizes that adults, too, can be victimized by priests who abuse their authority and said that lay people in church offices can be punished for abusing minors as well as adults. I'm Walter Ratliff. Ransomware attack on the world's biggest meat processing company is disrupting production worldwide. It comes weeks after a similar incident shut down a U. S oil pipeline and left some people scrambling for gas. This time. The target was JBs of Brazil, which has extensive facilities in the U. S. We're assessing any impacts on.

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