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The fourth report all things food beverage, So, Cal, and beyond. I'm you're well fed host Neil, Sir Vedra Happy Saturday to you Gorgeous day out there. I hope you're listening to us by Some type of water pool of fountain hose. Whatever. We do whatever we can around here, too. But staying cool. Maybe out there grilling. And hanging out happy to be with you. I also want to remind you that we're doing our my brother Craig and I are doing Or quarantine speakeasy tonight Live on Instagram at nine. S so please, if you're not already please follow me at Fort Reporter on Instagram it fork reporter. We have a good time. Plus on Tuesdays, like do them. I do. Ah, hour with Simon Majumdar Good buddy. And that's always fun as well. Then I pop on randomly. Doing whatever making trouble, so join us there want you? There's a lot going on in the city of Los Angeles. There's an and the counties and all these different rules and I've been watching Ah, body mind Giovanni, who owns Urban Press Winery in Burbank, watching his social media and all the different things that he's been going through the changes and I wanted to bring him on because Fascinating. And I think that you need to know what's going on a cz well to know how to support these local places. Thes these jewels and these gems like Urban Press Winery there on San Fernando. Giovanni. How you doing, Brother? And you have great to hear you. I'm doing okay. Surviving. You know, you are definitely a slither. Eso Eso. Where you at being here? For those who don't know. Urban press winery is ah, fantastic tasting room. They have great food and it's you would never expect it walking by there on San Fernando Road, Turning in, you feel separated from the rest of the world and that you've actually gone on vacation. Somewhere just is Ah, a really beautiful location. You could tell that it's done with love. It's decorated with love by your wife and her talents and all of those things. What are some of the changes you've had to go through? And where have you landed now? And how can people support what you're doing there? I got it changes everything you know. I know. A couple weeks ago, the governor came out and said that tasting rooms were allowed to open with, you know, but I had to be all outside of the premise. We started with the six feet separation and and what happened in the last two weeks Down here in Burbank, Burbank decided it was a great Concept where they actually turned the whole street into a pedestrian walkway. So they closed. All the traffic and stuff is overnight started rolling for all the restaurant owners down here. It was incredible. Seriously, eh? We have tables up and down from Magnolia relate to Angelino Street, and it's a great vibe. But ah music, they brought their TV's So we applied for a permit last week to do to be able to do the same thing. We're following all the guidelines and issued a permit from the city of Fairbanks. And then what happened was we live from the ABC. The L. A County had their own stipulation regulations where wineries, Berries and Distillers did not fall into that category. Even if you serve food, you know a lot of my friends up in Sonoma Onion as they have to go out and get food trucks and you know, even the hot dog cart and be able to survive. Keep their business alive. I mean, How much more can you do it right. You follow the regulations, right? And we did that we have applied for And this week we found out the L. A County has a stipulation that any of those three business I mentioned are not allowed to open. What? Why are they focused on if they given you any reason as to why it would be different for a brewery or a tasting room like yourself? I think they in their minds. I think they consider us more of a bar. Even though we do have a full on Ah, boo trick that's parked in our premise that has a wood burning pizza. We have six those. I mean, we're pretty much living kitchen out here. So, Yeah. I mean, I've walked your property. I walked a bit in your kitchen. It is literally a kitchen. It's not a food truck because it's parked out there is it's It's been there since law is since you started, the food is fantastic, and you know I I don't even a bar. I don't understand if you are following regulations. What the difference is at a restaurant that serves food. Versus a even a bar. I know you're tasting room, but even a bar that serves food. Yeah, we're all except for that. So we can open. Yeah, I know. I reached out to Ah, l a county. We're appealing, Teo. You know you are The county to reconsider. And, you know be ableto allow us to re open because we're it's pretty much thinking. Swim right now. For us. It's like we really need the traffic. The weekend traffic that were We're hoping to get to survive. And not only was a you know, anticipating that, but I was actually going to increase my staff for this weekend before I found out that I was not a lot really, but which now makes even less sense. You know? That's where you pick up and delivery, which is not appealing at all right? Hang tight on that, Giovanni because we won't come back. I want to talk to you some more about what? What you're going to have to do to stay afloat. And so I want to get more that we come back in tight and we'll get some news. Maybe I can come back and talk with Giovanni from Urban press Winery there in Burbank so lovely location, but to have them singled out when Burbank is doing But I think brilliant job of opening up San Fernando, two pedestrians and do all that to keep these places alive and then a place like Urban Press Winery, which is a legit restaurant. But because they are a winery. They are exempt from Theo openings that they're doing and the same rules that all the restaurants are doing his ass at nine. So we'll find out more. We'll come back. Let's get the latest news. Now. With Amy King in the Cave, I newsroom Evacuation center has been opened at Beaumont High School as evacuation orders were issued for at least 150 homes in the bowl on area because of a brush fire that's burned 1900 acres and is.

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