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Major league baseball standards. If you are baseball fan you need to check it out stream it whatever you gotta do to check it out. It is called once upon a time in queens. You could get it on. Espn plus the first two episodes. Drop and the second to dropped on wednesday night but but cousins south old people will be able to get it even if they missed. The you know the first airings of it. Right into on-demand. Yeah i'm told eighty five percent of people watching on demand. I was shocked to learn that because we we worked very hard to get it on tuesday wednesday. You know there and file talked to schedule these things. You don't want it on a thursday or sunday or monday night right so we did a tuesday wednesday but yeah she can catch it on. Espn plus on demand. And it'll be there for everyone forever. And i'm glad you enjoyed it. Absolutely i appreciated. And as bob murphy. The late great. Mets announcer used to say. Fasten your seat belts. Would go into the ninth. I that brigitte balance for shaded thank you. it's time for the pocket protector. Centrum the analytic numbers. You need to know well. Maybe anthony masterson as his name. Bs analytics is gay. What do you got for me anthony. Last week i talked about raises. And how close they all were while. Except one shohei otani is the foregone conclusion for aol. Mvp right well. Don't tell that vladimir guerrero junior who along with his bluejays are making a wild run to greatness over the past week live lady is writing a squirting september and the prospect of becoming the thirteenth player in. Mlb history and just the second in the digital era to win the triple crown. It's now in reach remember. Rbi became an official stat back in nineteen twenty at the end of monday's games body juniors now leading the al with the three eighteen average leading in home runs with forty five and he's third rbi four behind. Jose abreu you and to behind salvador perez while his bluejays have gone from six and a half games back in the wild card on august twenty seventh to leading the race as of september thirteenth. Could it co mbp beyond the horizon if guerrero wins the triple crown and gets a squad to the postseason. All that would not be without precedent in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine. Both the cardinals keith. And the pirates. Willie stargell tecom co. mvp honors in the national league receiving the same votes. Now otani is having all time unique season. We are unlikely to ever see again. He's tops in war among other things but guerrero's case is getting better by the day. I do not envy the voters. This season was a big week in the big leagues for is it fair and now thick from mlb. Bro dot com. Here's jr gamble after fourteen seasons with the milwaukee brewers ryan braun folly. Decided to retire is if foul or fair to say that brown pd conviction. Aside is one of the best players of his generation. That is phalle. That is a foul ryan. Bras name might not ring bells with the kids. Of the tat. Tease ole tiny vlad. Guerrero junior generation. But not too long ago. He was a big deal for small. Market milwaukee at a time when they were pretty darn good fifth overall. Pick out of miami and fast tracked into the pros in two years. He won rookie of being two thousand seven and finished third in the mvp voting. A couple years later which was a sure sign that braun was emerging as one of the best players in the game in two thousand eleven. He finally reached his pinnacle and one the nfl mvp from two thousand eight to two thousand twelve. He was a mainstay at the midsummer classic. What makes them special is that. He played for one team his entire career. Which is rare for an all-star caliber player these days. He's also littered all over the milwaukee record books. He's like top ten in everything. He's got three hundred fifty two career bombs. He's may six all star games. His career is not been shabby at all very solid. The only blemish unfortunately on bronze career is that he ended up serving a suspension for. Pd's in two thousand thirteen. As a result of mlb investigation into multiple players using performance enhancing drugs it elevated into a huge fiasco braun line and trying to blame the specimen handler for why he tested positive it was ugly it kinda comical but out of sight outta mind time heals all wounds brown recovered. To have some solid seasons he was accepted back into good graces of the milwaukee fans. And now we say goodbye but we flow. We go my other great with braun. Besides pd use the fact that he's stolen mvp from kim who went thirty nine homers and stole forty bases and lead baseball with one hundred and twenty six. Rb i in two thousand eleven. That's another story. Though for another day all in all brawn never got to play in that world series with milwaukee. But he's definitely one of the greatest bruise of all time. He's not like that. like that. Like robin yell. But he's a heck of a bra just not one of the best players of his generation pay cash. It's time for trash talk twitter wing your chance to trash anyone or anything in major league baseball. This week's trash comes from john quinn at john. Quinn eighty-three any tweeted me. This new ways to not win. That's the matt's first and third one out. Bottom of the tenth lindores hits into a three to five double play three to five. Figure it out because you may not ever see it again and for people scoring at home. Three to five would be first base to catch her to third for the double play. I agree with you john. That's a pretty tough way to lose a game if you want to chime in and and get your trash red here on the program hit me up on my twitter at rob parker f s one. When rob was a newspaper columnist he lived by this motto. If i'm writing i'm ariffin. Let's bring in a writer. Broadcaster older new alice walker into the podcast. Jason dumas's from kron for news in san francisco and jason. Who was a friend of mine amenity. Damn good sports caster in the bay area. Welcome to the podcast. Thank you for having me on rob. I appreciate it. Man anytime we can chat is a is something. I won't pass up. No doubt. And i'm giving love to the san francisco giants. Everybody was saying they're going to fall by the wayside. No show jason. You heard that. They can't keep it up and yet. They were the first team to clinch a playoff team. The ninety wins. We could go on and on and on how surprised the fans in san francisco.

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