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Senate majority of individual Karnataka's, he's opened a budget station to prevent another government shutdown. There's certainly would be no education and the third with a slight change to one of his favorite sayings McConnell left. The door open to legislation or whatever works, which means avoiding a shutdown and avoiding the president feeling he should declare a national emergency still reeling from public outrage. Over the recent shutdown a growing number of senators from both parties say they would support legislation to prevent future. Shutdowns Capitol Hill. Correspondent Wally Hindes the former commander of US. Southern command, Admiral James Stavridis believes that Venezuela. Dictator nNcholas Maduro will not be able to remain in power quite optimistic. I think there's a two and three chance that the Madero regime goes down. However Stavridis tells us out of the radio network that Venezuela's military's capable of keeping with on power. Remember, sadly, they've been trained by the Cubans. So there is a linkage between these two dictatorships that is why the supreme court has barred the country's opposition leader from leaving the country Tuesday aloof certain died intentions. Doctors are trying to quell a growing measles outbreak in the Portland, Oregon Vancouver Washington area, dozens of people have contracted the measles. Most of them children, and the vast majority not vaccinated doctor Allen Melnik public health officer of Clark county. Washington says the outbreak is growing I expect to see more cases Mellberg's county has the vaccination rate of less than seventy eight percent. Well below what's needed to prevent an outbreak? Dr Frank casper with the Cleveland Clinic says the claim vaccines are harmful is flat raw we have tested them. We know how safe they are before mass vaccinations, which started in nineteen sixty.

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