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From downtown in ninety fifth floor from purging to the Chicago sky way I'm Jan sellable from the ida traffic center reminding you to drive responsibly it really is a matter of life or death the news is next but first the WGN forecast here's meteorologist majors ivory cold air will stick around for much of the work week what we do warm up this upcoming weekend tonight's low temperature will be down into the mid teens expectancy wind chills furry with zero tonight partly cloudy skies and then tomorrow have a good chance for some flurries early in the day Wednesday high temperature twenty four we dry out muscle clear out into Wednesday night down about nineteen there certainly some clouds but also some sun on Thursday the high temperature thirty eight another system comes our way into the upcoming weekend it brings warmer air though Friday's high temperature forty generally cloudy conditions there and on Saturday a chance for a a light mix of rain and snow the high forty one on WGN meteorologist matrix ivory with just a few weeks left until pot is legal in Illinois lots of people have lots of questions about what's legal and what isn't WGN's Mike lower ports and how much pot you can have the new Illinois law places limits on purchases meeting a person can buy thirty grams of cannabis flower in other words the green plant weeks five grams of cannabis concentrate like oils dabs and waxes and five hundred milligrams of edibles like gummies Chicago police put out a video last week on where you can smoke pot it basically boils down to yes on private property no in public spaces recreational marijuana becomes legal on January first house Democrats announced two articles of impeachment against president trump for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress house judiciary chair Jerry Nadler explains the decision behind the obstruction charge when he was caught when has investigated.

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