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Of that field hospital or the one being stood up in Lowell, Dr Dixon says, Upgrade your mask in the summertime when it was 1%, you know, clock master, probably adequate. That would decrease the probability of spread enough. But now that we have a lot of infection, I've recommended to all my friends and family that they use a cane and 95 instead of a regular cloth mask. Karen Regal WBZ Boston's news radio, Another one of the attorneys, helping the president with his election related legal challenges, has tested positive for covert 19 Jenna Ellison, attorney who has helped lead Mr Trump's battles Overturn President elect Joe Biden's victory has tested positive for covert 19. Ellis sat next to President Trump's attorney, Rudy Giuliani last week during a Michigan state legislative hearing on the election. Giuliani has also tested positive for covert 19 There are reportedly concerned to the White House after Ellis attended a senior staff Christmas party on Friday. Allison Keyes CBS NEWS Washington Five Massachusetts Republicans, who lost their races in November have father lawsuit in Boston Federal court. It's an attempt to try to overturn election results. President Trump has fired legal shots in a number of states challenging election results will now the echo of those shots is resonating here in Massachusetts, five Republicans to ran for state rep than three who ran for Congress. All defeated, have pulled their efforts to file a federal lawsuit asking the court here in Boston to throw out more than half the ballots and maybe order a new election. Their argument is similar to what the president has argued it has to do with early voting. They argued the early voting which was so extensive in Massachusetts because of the pandemic. Is unconstitutional. Girl Steven stop BBC Boston's news radio, encouraging signs for covert 19 vaccination on the horizon and Massachusetts employers say they're more confident about last month business conditions than they've been Since the pandemic started. The Associated Industries of Massachusetts Index climbed 3.1 points for the month of November. It took its largest tumble on record back in March, when I dropped by 22 points Even though businesses are feeling better about their futures, experts warn. There are still some uncertainties like unpasteurized relief in Washington and evolving restrictions in the Commonwealth. By the weight off the Wall Street, Andrew all day is that Bloomberg? We had a winning day today. We did today's FDA report affirming the efficacy of visors, covert vaccine and fresh trial data of AstraZeneca's covert vaccine, giving reassurance on its efficacy and safety help coax some buying in the market that started the session lower. NASDAQ and S and P 500 ended in fact, at records, NASDAQ Up 63. It should be 500 up 10. For its part, the Dow added 104 not quite to a record. The bankrupt owner of Ann Taylor and Lane Bryant has been given permission to sell those store chains. Bankruptcy judge signed off on a scene out retail group turning over those brands to Sycamore Partners. For $540 million this year, a scene a file for chapter 11 protection with a plan to shut more than 1000 stories. And you rode a Bloomberg business on WBZ Boston's news radio..

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