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We've talked a lot about how big of a deal at was to be on pbs four georgia and crockett how did espn compared to that as far as television exposure it's a different channel does have near the penetration it's a different day part but it's still national tv sh shh exactly was national tv and people were all talking about this new thing espn 24 hours sportschannel the problem was people hadn't become used to it they didn't have sports center they didn't have a lot of the go to shows that espn has right now so the opportunity to have wrestling on a quote 'legitimate sports channel for somebody like vern ganja that was another thing he could point to say our wrestling's real on espn so that exposure the potential of that exposure was definitely attractive when morning affiliate of your day he's working singles furnished by three to four weeks before greg pulls and massod as they wanna create a tag team for the quote unquote teini irs and are says for looking for a rock and roll expressed type of team and he asked marty his ghani body in mind and marty says sean michaels uh here's a fun story about the first tom sean comes the vegas for the awa allegedly as the rumor goes curtain marty had been playing slots for a long time and when kirk gets up to leave marty skids over to sit at kurtz machine and then sean sits down were marty had been sitting for three hours playing slots and on the very first pole of marty's machine that sean is now sit again at john his triple sevens and when seven hundred fifty dollars marty would right that was the story of our careers that'd be a fair knowledge.

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