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And 6 80 these sports leader before we get to things like sports. What do you need? I just need to know you're quick thought on. Yeah, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees. Now that this is different than the inductees is just a nominee's Yeah, A lot of great guys get nominated they want they don't get in. It's just like the pro football like Johnny Lynch had to wait all those years. I haven't seen the list of today is the one that's catching that the one that's catching the most buzz just for people like you and me and Because they're just so cool is the go, Go's Oh, immediately put him in there without nominations. There's there's no discussion. They go right in, but they were the first all another. The first almost put him in, but immediately immediately. Okay. They're the first all female group where all the women play their instruments to have a number one album and single put him in. Okay, That's a woman. Always. I put him in. You put them on the Megatron level. Calvin Johnson, Peyton Manning. Not only that. I mean, they got their popper perfection. I mean, like a lot of there, so I don't even know how the hell they did that. Actually, when you look back because they were so young, there were kids. There were kids but their world Here's the tweet credibly. Good tune. Happy Valentine, who I believe was the Well, she drummer basis. Oh, God, I'm embarrassed. I should do Please. Charlie. Katherine confused her with Charlotte Caffey. Um, but Kathy Valentine tweets Wonderful news to wake up and find out that the go Go's air nominated to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She says that she wrote this while you love that, she writes. The go go's are the real thing straight from the clubs of L. A all the way to the top, self taught and self propelled Rock on Sister's true and think about the abuse. They had to endure him. And it wasn't easy back then, for a bunch of young girls to get in front of some of those hostile Southern California audiences seriously more if you and I talked about it. Those are some of the most ferocious audiences in the history of live music down there, and they faced them the go Go's had to face those audiences and You want more credibility? Last thing Belinda Carlisle herself was the original drummer in legendary punk band the Germs, So if you're looking for credentials, you're not going to get any more than a go go there. One of seven first time nominees, including Ready for this food fighters in Wow. How are these guys Get a nominee for the first time Iron Maiden. See now This is the thing I like about making the metal community is not gonna like this. I'm not a big maiden guy. I don't know. And then how about this Jay Z nominated for the very first time? Yeah, he'll go into he'll go into because no. Two pots gone. Turner for the first time. What? Who? Tina Turner for the first time. That makes no sense. How is that even possible? Somebody named feel a cootie who I'm not familiar with. And then Tian Warwick, not this is rock and roll like Dionne Warwick. Maybe they're running out of people. You know what I mean? Do you know the way to rock and roll? Yes, anyway. Those are the ones that show goes in Fu fighters in Thank you very much. And Jay Z And and Jay Z into. Yeah. Okay, Drumroll, please. We had an 8 A.m. announced that we're gonna make it again here at 9 29. Yes. Drumroll, Please..

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