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Well also they brought up face mash like this was sort of one of the surprises of the day was in two thousand three sucker creates this website where you know you take pictures of two college girls and compare them to see you know which one is more attractive and one of the lawmakers brought that up and zakar berg dismissed it as a college prank and i'm not straight but the most of the straight guys i know don't compare the beauty of women as a prank so anyway it just made for a kind of surprising addition to the days questions yeah it was the social networks of not the boy boy genius bill billionaire high i thought it wasn't i thought he was very they sit on a bunch of things i think you're right kurt would it you did you feel like that was an issue why think he got a little defensive right and and he did a pretty good job of not like snapping back he he wasn't disrespectful or anything like that but one of the big moments stood out for me was congresswoman jan schakowsky in that but she was good and she and she actually brought up a line of questioning that i didn't really hadn't heard before and she was like you know did the this alexander kogan guy this professor who collected all the data and sold it to cambridge lipka did he sell it to other firms and zuckerberg basically said yes and she said well how many he goes it's not a large number she goes what's the large number and he goes a handful like he refused to either ace a how many other firms were were sold this data and be refused to acknowledge your name them and i thought that was really weird.

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