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Frustrated or he's happy. Uh, but regardless of how he's feeling Since that second quarter, where he dominated It's been a major struggle yet to make a field goal here in the half gets that one free throw doing a nice job on the glass. But They're going to need him down this 3 23. They got to play through him on the offensive end if he can get doubled, Find some open shooters, preferably Steph Curry, Seth Curry. But again, Philadelphia really only have themselves to blame here for the way they started this third quarter. That's why there are in a tight affair so time on the board is 3 23 to go. The Atlanta Hawks once down, 18. Have come back tied the Sixers at 94. Here's what's at stake. Phillies won the last two in the series, a chance to go up three games to one. Atlanta trying to even the series of two game five is scheduled for Wednesday night. Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. Joel Embiid, who has 19 rebounds tonight, the first free throw his first point of the second half. And now a chance to untie the game as we come out of time out with them beach shooting at the free throw at the basket rather to our left Now he's got to get aggressive here. The last 3 23 forget settling for outside jump shots getting the paint. Capella cannot garden One on one creates some doubles and you're gonna get some open Looks for your teammates Beat buries the free throws. Sixers back in front. 95 94 Atlanta ball 3 15 to go young fires to college gathered nearly lost it outside the young ball fake on the three little shoulder fake at the free throw line, gives it up to Collins on the wing Now drives into traffic puts it up, Missed it, rebound, tapped by am beating, he grabs his 20th. Game four Well and he was a defensive menace right there. Wording John Collins at the rim. Under three minutes to go. Sixers leading by one Tobias Harris drives inside the arc finds him beat a ball fake on the three gets by Capela leads it. Download a Simmons back up top court must for three. It's good for Concorde mas with a huge triple with 2 40 to go. Wow, You're right. Huge right there! Timely, great kick. From Simmons to find Cork Maas 98 94 Philadelphia, Bogdanovich, shot on top dribbles to the free throw line stops now triggers on the fade missed it high in the air Rebound offensive. It's John Collins, another offensive rebound. Send it outside Detroit Young, He'll drive. He'll put it on the wrapper around to Collins. Corner three is good for John Collins, Atlanta Back down 1.

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