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The braves were seven and owen rubber games this season but that streak is now over atlanta loses the series and get shut out for the second time in three days falling to philly four zip leading in at least it's back down to a half game atlanta is off today before getting the red sox at fenway park tomorrow we told you yesterday that nfl owners at their meetings in buckhead unanimously adopted new policy over protest during the national anthem players don't have to come on the field anymore but if they do they must stand if they don't the team will be fined by the league and the team will handle punishment from there so what will falcons do team president rich mckay we had about his open frank discussion amongst our team as you could have we'll go back and have those same discussions but we haven't had them yet layers union though says they were not consulted and we'll be reviewing this high school baseball pope defensive state championship in six say while jefferson wins its first title and they parkview in mill creek will start their rain series in seventy college baseball thirteenth ring georgia faces elimination this morning and the sec tournament after getting upset by texas eight dogs will now face number four ole miss at ten thirty in hoover alabama and today we are one hundred days away from kickoff georgia starts defensive it's sec title against austin p saturday september first sanford stadium right here on the home of the dogs wsb thanks very much day oh by the way to clark howard do the first pitch last night drags drivers sources close to the sports director jay black says he bounced it okay and there was a boo boo thanks j clark travel bargains for the top of the hour a grand jury ruled savannah police were justified a fatally shooting a man because he pointed a bb gun fm officers arrived at the home of ricky boy in late january two arrest on a murder charge body cam footage shows officers opened fire fighter boyd removed something from his pocket and take a shooter stance they later found the bb gun next to the boy's body his family says they had told police he was.

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