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You have mostly clear forty in boston wbz accu weather clear a cold overnight thirty is downtown sunny mid40s tomorrow full forecast ahead good evening i'm john huff wbz news anger across much of the arab world tonight after president trump declared jerusalem the capital of israel and ordered the state department to move the american embassy there as well cbs's seth dolan from jerusalem on the israeli side you have people many who were overjoyed rarely prime minister benjamin netanyahu came out right after and with the statement and said that any great three thousand year history of the jewish people's connection and belief that jerusalem was their capital this was a significant day on the other hand you have palestinians who feel exactly the opposite the palestinian president guda vaas said that he will leave this disqualified the us from being a negotiator president trump says the us will not dictate terms of a peace agreement between the israelis and palestinians but says it will support a twostate solution if both sides agree to one calls for the resignation of minnesota senator al franken coming from colleagues today including senators warren marquee and hassen as well as the top senate democrat chuck schumer a tweet from franken's account says he still has not made a final decision to resign amid allegations of sexual misconduct even though minnesota public radio is reporting he'll do so tomorrow democratic strategist a member of the wbz political roundtable marianne marsh thanks franken has no other option he governor actually in the wake of the rhetoric in the long ten congressman john conyers from michigan the now the democrat certainly are doing what other industries have done in the media in hollywood and elsewhere but we don't yet see the republicans doing the same we have donald trump you have worry more coming up in an election next tuesday with many allegations against him but alabama's special son of election concern in southern california as the state's top firefighter was warning the wildfire threat has such that if they are up they will burn uncontrollably wildfire hits the welltodo belair section of los angeles the 405 freeway shut down for a while today now reopened north of la these people are hoping for a breeze that'll blow away.

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