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From last to check in and what's out JD hello Sir it's good to talk with you well that's very nice and prim and proper for you but I don't know that I've ever done anything that's marriage being called star so Jodi Mack will do well Mister America bugs one question for you and it's just on the fourth down a team to the point in here so I believe there's a rule where hi I think they can try to feel go on fourth down right one or more teams do that it depends on the length of the field goal you're looking at your right to Lucy got a big back when so you got a sixty yard field goal you're probably not going to make the what the heck you give it a shot in the worst case scenario is they wanna back like they would run back upon best case scenario is you get three points right but he is at either I I doubt you're not understanding but I if I need to explain to explain to you if you add ten to a sixty plus yard field goal you say well they can run it out back like a point well that'd choice if they don't want to run it back the ball comes back to the spot of the missed field goal so you're giving the ball to the other team at the forty plus yard line where is if you've got a real good punter and you think you can get it out of bounds or get it I enough to get your team down in coverage and have a guy keep it from bouncing in the end zone you can pin a team inside the ten so you're looking about forty yards key yards of field percentage that's why teams don't just kicked a field goal every single time and say what we dare you to want to back you don't have to run a bag in his on ball bounce and you get this the bald spot on the missed field very good well I guess if I have anything else to say I was a bears fan will take com Brady you think Brady in Chicago next year we'll take him send them up it should be fine the Brady free agent experience thanks for the call Chicago a market town wife probably have some modeling opportunities there now I don't see him going to the bears every good teams not a bad team they're not a top team could Brady swing in and out certainly he Brady over mature basically is not a hard call to make now with all the money that they've invested in certain players on both the offences identity right side over the last couple years don't know how they would be standing cap wise if they could pay Brady and that's another thing we honestly don't know what is Brady gonna make this year I give Tom Brady owl a hard time because I can't stand him because I'm a jet fan and yes it's the big green monster rearing its ugly fat I'm very jealous of his continued success in you divisional championships in super balls and the like at south I'm from that front I don't like very a little bit but I acknowledge his greatness in many ways shapes and forms including the fact that I think is the greatest quarterback of all time in history National Football League and another thing I give my major not in is he is not asked for every last dollar whenever his contract is that up he has signed a team friendly deal after team friendly deal at least my expectation my level of the evaluating Tom Brady units worked on the open market as per what do you complex is on the field he's done the right thing by the patriots over and over and over again I don't know if that's going to be the case this time they may well be may do it again and say listen I really have no desire to play anywhere else I want to retire is a patriot I yeah I'm going to be compensated but I don't need to be diced a quarterback or top five paid quarterback or top ten pay quarterback he may go back to New England for a glass if he goes on the open market my guess is he's going to want to get every bit of thirty million dollars poorer that's why people have suggested the most natural landing spot for him would be the Los Angeles Chargers because he would actually change their bottom line moving into new stadium that many more seats to sal Hollywood to bring in the gold yeah there is some potential upside down well he's no one it's trunk good at potential upside so you can get a lot of money there what would he be more to the Chicago Bears I team needs a good idea it could be if they could get there is significantly improved quarterback play they couldn't call themselves a legit contender I don't know what his seasonal salary would be I I I I I usually have a good grasp on the stains in can tell you within a couple of million dollars here and there and hi this team would have to pay more this team would have to Pam last I got no idea the way the Brady thing is going to fall in due to a large part the fact that yeah we actually saw some cracks in the armour this past year the knowing our fence was pretty bad now I will certainly point to the fact that other in Julian Edelman I don't think he had much help at all white pretty good receiver out of the backfield but again if you're number one thread in the receiving game is a running back he's not a complementary piece that's a problem to begin with how much but why is the lack of weapons around him and how much of it was you have by the time is finally catching up with Tom Brady that's what his new employer has to figure out and his salary will at least in part be dictated by that Gary from Jacksonville's up on CBS sports radio agak first of all like to congratulate your cohort Mike Holmgren elected to the pro football hall of fame and having them do it on TV with his family there that was great again yesterday yeah and the CBS show neither coach got in and I I didn't even know was going on I was on the air at the time so I saw him hugging some guy on camera it looks like it is kids and or his wife was coming out I had no idea what was going on can't hear it by in cold power that is I did get the official not into the hall of fame my goal to make it into the hall of fame someday they always are full guy whatever game is regarded as forms the players when there and that that and we said god I'm not I'm sure what his name is but he was the one that was right I had no idea who he was to be truthful yeah I recognize the name but I didn't know what he looked like so I had to be told afterwards what was going on but your you can be more spot on it was laid out more better than this year for any read everything went right we started with the patriots in week seventeen and everything else that happened afterwards in Boise it's got to be shell shocked right now Jody remember showed for the night always Missouri as for Lamar Jackson's floors up returning the plastic because the memory of help that he was last year for which he was a rookie in this year he certainly was much improved Judy GMB Brady this for me is a much more gotta get over it you can analyze it I don't care what his numbers were due in March hollow numbers ever put up in the history of the National Football League E. E. your stance on Friday I thought was a little harsh it is certainly more realistic after what transpired yesterday I'm doing a lot of those to do Judy neck you know because very insightful thank you Sir appreciate it use your little inside when when you come out with us lastly do you know the Richard Richard Gere in are just like you know she because the fact that the planet of schedule they did a lot of a lot of top twenty teams were more hardened United the SEC's top to bottom much better in the ACC I think circles came in the fourth quarter that's going to be the difference because goes into the grinder and develop shingles on the wind would blow Joe used Joe do you have to say this is one of the greatest seasons ever bar called quarterback to be able to in center if they bought Clemson tomorrow next week you give me a call we'll talk about it you're right there's a chance we could look back a day here and say that's one of the greatest years ever put together by a college football team because they did run the gauntlet of the SEC truck down all of the top comers became their way blew out all call minutes semifinal game after win handily against Clemson yeah you're right however I am Clemson's defense there's so many things so many different ways you can analyze the stuff before it actually happens I'd like to be tested before I get to a championship game I know like you you said ran the gauntlet they did to the entire SEC including a championship game but last week or last week it seems like a month ago why would I call last week fifteen days ago when a couch Oklahoma when he scored seven touchdowns in the first tab they truly warrant tested so I haven't really been tested in a month at least climbs in god task Roman outstanding Ohio state team that they fell behind that they made a couple of big stops whipped in the first half and while I stated been able to score a touchdown Dryden and she'll feel good guys settle field goals with their red zone drives in the first half they win a game they're going to date such a whole Clinton can't get out of it but they left Clemson in it because they had to settle for field goals I wanted out was Clemson's defense coming up would plays when they needed it most they did the bend but not break thing on defense and yes Clinton was good enough with Lawrence pulled arm and leg the big touchdown run of course was a huge play in that game being the difference in that contest so even though LA if you had the coffers season on questioned as he see above the ACC not even close who had the top first semi final game mon and on paper it was climbs in having a play allows stayed on the field was unquestionably clients in having a rally against Ohio state worries LA Hugh breeze.

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