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And I am speaking to you from Virginia from Lynchburg Virginia didn't wanna stay off the air Wednesday on the there's a lot going on a great day to day everything. Great about America, everything. Great about humanity. Everything great about what I talk about every morning kinda get your weekend off now. Yes, it's far iday in the most positive way possible is down here right outside of Lewisburg Virginia at liberty university. So we have a great I got tell you about it so spectacular. I'll dot headline news for you and not even feel like going there. But I will because that's my responsibility, Albert Ashir. A Frankie five boroughs took off. We don't know where he is. But we will check that out. But how's the? Brian Zagan is producing for us. We got a great show marks around who's gonna join us talk about the twenty twenty Donald Trump campaign and liberty university, and what's happening down here at liberty Jeffey lines gonna tell you what fills you want to see former congressman David brat is here. He is the current June of the liberty University School of business. You know, James Carroll's your James cows director of the US office of national drug count control policy. What's going on with the opioid epidemic? How are we approaching in this country under the Donald J Trump administration will be talking about that in the nine o'clock hour as well president of liberty university. Jerry foul junior will join us so very very pleased that Mr President will be here. And so we're excited about that in Dr a Dan Hsu Meyer is Dr Dan, you might we're playing with the if you hear judgments here, and they were just trying to get everything. Right. So it goes up to New York handily. Dr Dan Schumer, invented the tweet that tweak thing man, we're going to be dug into Dr Dan in the nine o'clock hour as well. And you phone calls always at eight seven seven. Nine seven twenty nine ninety nine lot to get into a great twenty four hours and some really wild things coming up. You always there's always one thing the news that bothers us. Right. When we watch the news, right? It's like why? Why would we talked about it yesterday and someone called yesterday? And it was great that it goes Neil that called yesterday and talked about the New York dams are of blocking the Bill expanding college tuition for gold star families after approving twenty seven million two wishing for illegal immigrants, and the, you know, how do they wait is this? It's not this story is today. Breaking is the the Trump administration was do something with sanctuary cities in release something that Washington Post story that I'm I don't even acknowledge today. Because of my mind is always just fake news coming out of the post or some other of the mainstream media. This is how what is going on with New York. And we have all the folks on the radio here. That are in the assembly in the Senate in state of New York who really makes sense a lot of the time. And in some of them are Democrats as well that make a lot of how what's with the fantasize that's happening with with all that they're letting go New York, not to mention something on a much less than Oprah congestion pricing just to constantly taxes. An every move we make not helping the homeless who are these people who are these people that would say gold star families whose parents put their lives on the line for the feet of you. And I so we can have our freedoms and people could come into this country. And celebrate America they can't get any college help. But but the illegal immigrants can I just do not. I just don't understand exactly how that happens, and why that happens in in New York. We're like losing New York. I it just seems so and so there's a lot of stuff to get into that. We're gonna talk about you know, the autism rates in New Jersey skyrocketed. And I don't know why that is happening. But that in the do, you blame older parents, can you blame older parents for that? I said is that is that what that is? So we'll get into that. And I got to tell you. Of course. Now, you get a coffee spell while we go on the air. And I thank God Alice here at I know what's going to happen. We have air conditioning here and Albert to be taking to the airwaves by buddy. So of course, of course, the reopening of dying here, I go. This is why I go to the doctor that charges me seven hundred dollars an hour. Charging a little too much. I take an everything. Everything for the allergies. Allergies in Virginia. Guys. We know allergies every junior. So it's me. So now, I've got I had to take the effort. I took another spray in the history spray. I took every drug known to man that is legal. Thank you very much. And that and now I to go on stage. We have to do a whole set later. We do the whole set theatre later is going to be like a whole thing. So this you go really really well. And they go to the doctor. You gotta take this take that take you know, what you know, you got nothing. Balance of nature's the only thing that seems to be working out. Hey, how you doing this forty eight? How are you? It's the best you you wouldn't leave here if he came down. What would make you tranquil? I'm telling you. I didn't make all yeah. It would make the tool mice tranquil. You would come down, and you would come. It's so nice. It's so peaceful. It's so loving. I got I got a Livia got Mikey. With me, we came down here, and we and hetero work as well is going to be up here with me today when we go through this whole convocation straight man, and Mark Sarana who's gonna be on the show. We'll tell you all about it. But holy moly. They got everything is brand new at liberty university. Everything is so nice to it. So maybe maybe too friendly for you, though, you like little attitude. Right. No. I mean, some attitude is okay. But I like friendly friendly skirts. Very nice, always always very very calm. So I gotta tell you what I'm doing. And then we'll break I'm looking at the news, nothing breaking that. I'm missing right out or Brian. You let me know nothing. Just the so say it so we come down and out with doing is like a convocation call, right? They do a prayer badgen that prayer in a college that I'm like excited about that. I know so we going, and it's going to be ten thousand kids and it's in their basketball arena. This is as glorious university as you're going to see and you go in and we did a rehearsal yesterday. So I'm going to be up, and they do little interview with with pastor David Nassar. We're gonna do an interview back and forth and show some clips because the kids can say Joe Piscopo the first question where they walk in. And so Dave is gonna walk pester David's gonna walk me through it. Then we'll do some bits bits like like showman, and they do like two or three these week, right guys. Rich comedian Louis, it's an Italian name. Are you Italian? No talion down here. Okay. Well, you today with us so Louis. Nice to have you enrich. Thank you for being here. So then I go up and now I go. Well, what else can I do? Can I bring can I bring a Michael with me with the thought? Yes. Michael Jordan Marshall amp Albert both the Marsh lane. He's playing a little tunes. And then a Lydia is gonna. Sing it for ten thousand people this morning come on. Now is this great now. So we can have a little entertainment little fund than had their worst gonna talk. So I'm very very excited. And it's all about everything that's good about the country. You know, there's about as one nation under God. And everything that I talked about every single morning. So it's it'd be very very exciting. That will be happening. Probably in the actually, you know, what I gotta go right after the show going right over there. Right out states have right. That's great. That's great kids will enjoy it. It'll be a lot of fun Albert. You know what I don't? I take them when I can. But Unum always on the road. I said to Mike Mike, you gotta come trying to teach Mike had to be like show business guy. You got this is the road you fly. You hit you go you rehearse he's so into it. And he's got all the equipment settled the equipment get everything running running. And they're really wanted to go. Now win is it when your kids want to go at you? Right. But the Jaguars they're missing school. Come on. Go. Get carried away. I got a note. I got to know this is technically a college his own listen this, then he said this public school. Oh, no. It's not we got. I got a nice note from liberty university. Mikey can go to college to look at the college. She's in tenth grade, they go no doesn't qualify because he's in tenth grade God forbid, they should say, okay for the future, you know. So now, but you know, they will let them out for work some say, all right? Well, he's he's a hired. He's is a gig that agape, then we're gonna get a note that say when he was working here. It's like difficult Catholics. I don't understand that. So in tenth grade, you're not allowed to go. Look at a college. I swear to goodness gracious. They said that that. That. No, we're they want to go. And maybe they want to go look at night. The new can't start soon enough baby. I know it's so they and liberty said they sent a nice note. So I said. Geico. Nope. Sorry. Sorry. It's going to be work. It's gotta be worth. So I hired the job what I'm going to tell you. And I guess just takes because she's an eighth grade. But I I mean, we should be so lucky so and so funny here, and I speak to you as as the parents grandparents set are kind enough to listen, I'm bringing down we've got friends down there bringing their kids down world doing a whole big tour of liberty university. Can't say enough about I'll be talking about it all morning. It's great. And I'm gonna take the guys that beautiful radio studios here. And it's really it's.

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