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Don't think anyone's ignoring it. It's just we haven't talked about it yet. Just because we haven't gotten to it. See what I'm saying. So I know the caller. Steve is saying, Hey, why haven't you guys talked about you're talking about your breeze at length. That was the story that we were talking about that they just kind of how it how it happened. I don't know if we have to have an outrage conversation about each and every stupid thing that's ever said Well, The problem is, there's no it's not just that There's no other side. There's no debate about the Sean Jackson said was downright stupid. The kneeling for the American you know, during the anthem has been a five year debate or whatever it is, since Kaepernick did it so that there's more meat on the bone to discuss There's nothing discuss about the Sean Jackson. It was still but it was dumb, universally panned. Fight teammates by executives, whatever and and he's apologized, And so there's no debate is just dumb way could just spend three hours saying that if we wanted, let's not say he apologized because he didn't apologize. He actually doubled down on it. In his apology, he said. All I was trying to do is educate people by saying You're trying to educate people. What you're saying is What I tweeted out. I believed in. I still do Believe in it. I'm sorry that I'm a moron. Because I tweeted something I thought was a Hitler quote. Listen, if you don't know that Hitler is probably the worst person that ever lived. In and of itself. You should have social media, but he tweeted out thinking it was a Hitler quote, which it wasn't. Then, in his apology, he doubled down by saying, Well, I'm just trying to inform people inform people of what something you thought. Hitler said that you stand by and you believe in saying it's done. It was stupid, but But why is it like I understand what you're saying? And we've got first take on right in front of us right now Like this, they should be spending more time on it. I'm offended that they're not spending more time on this. I'm offended that Steven Jackson when George Floyd was killed, Stephen Jackson was a voice that we all went to during this time of social injustice. That was a calming force that I personally looked. Who is a guy that was educating me now? I never need to hear a word He has to say about anything again. Where is cancel culture on Steven Jackson? Where's Stephen A. Smith today, calling out Steven Jackson, who, literally a month ago, he was praising for everything he was saying now, a couple of things that what David's saying and Jesse Danny and I talked for 25 minutes this morning about whether or not we were going to Win and where we were going to bring this conversation to the airwaves in AA, lot of things that come into play with the difference in what we've seen in the past couple of weeks, months about topics Like this is like for one. Stephen, are you Sean Jackson is a bit of a fringe NFL player at this point in his career, right. He's not one of the 45 best quarterbacks in the league. Thus is still a name. He's still he's still a name, but it changes the impact of the stupid comments. You see what I'm saying? You're comparing. It's like Drew Brees through breezes. Relevance is one of its.

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