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Joe via mafia original the one that. He's been running with this time it's going to be Jose less Gano used to play the Matt's. I'm just kidding. He's thirty two one Joe via the rest of the jockey ever, vast Louis Sayas twelve to one master vendor, Julian lay Perot, Avon tax has Iran or TS fifteen one bourbon warned Mike Smith on top twelve to one spinoff, Javier Castellano. The Sir Winston Joel rose REO twelve to one. I think he plays for the Mets and Trabert heart. John Velazquez it ten to one of well. When Tacitus of course. So. It's going to be crazy on Saturday out at Belmont, karma. Have you ever gone? The Belmont Stakes before I have gone before, and had a hell of a time when I was there when hundred thousand people were there and I got hammered, I have been there for the Belmont Stakes great, right? Yes. I was actually there the day of American pharaoh, but I did not stay until American foul raced. So I was at the track that morning. We did a actually remote the gentleman brought him up Jodi MAC me. And Jodi macro Belmont that more Ellie for WFAN and we did show there from ten to one. I hung out for a little bit. But you know what? It's like I mean, it's crazy there on that day. So I bought my ticket had a little couple things memorabilia there from that day. And I got out of there well before the race actually went off so Tacitus is a nine to five morning line favorite for Bill Maher trainer and jog ios AR TS two to one second choice for cast, Mark cast the trainer. Tyler Gavaglio's on top. So there you go, mafia. You've ever been to the Belmont Stakes living out in Long Island. I have not never been to horse race at all actually. No track anywhere. Never been to a horse race. Now, one thing I mean, I know everyone gets excited about it, but I can't predict what these animals are going to do. You know, so hard to know I mean, some of these people breakdown all these ridiculous stats about all let's on grass. Are to me. I'm into sports. People are involved. Times are. That's how they base it like where horses. Thoroughbred hit those certain points at a track if they if they're at a certain number there, you know, on a roll they can win a race. They read the daily forum. I can't get into all that. All the ridiculous numbers that they got a breakdown for that does the same thing that these new stats in baseball. Give me more than like four or five notes is you gotta tell him like going to track one days, kind of fun. I love going to track. It's pretty. I did. I actually we broke into a bar mitzvah. We actually what do you call that? Wedding crust wedding crashers crashed obviously Belmont, tons of times in my life, living, so close to it or I like Monmouth allot the Monmouth on a couple of race days. Really cool to Sarah toga every track crazy up there now. Ben to the one. Your boy, let's his name, Eddie Olczyk EDSA goes to the Arlington in Chicago. That's a good one too. Gulfstream Santa, Anita del, mar, it goes on and on even been to the Prescott downs. I've even called races in Portland, Oregon. I've done. I've done the play by play. Is that what they call of the horse race? What was that other one you went to Arizona, where you check the guy down Prescott? That was the one I went to get a job. That's how I got on the sports entertainment network in Vegas. I went nationwide after I tracked, a guy down rod stole at the Prescott downs, I told them, there was an emergency come to the press box. The emergency was the hired me to do mornings. And he put me on the air. We're friends to this day, it's crazy. Didn't you? In Reno were you and me when I ran into him. Remember he came to the grand Sierra. Oh, yeah. But I didn't remember that, but he actually came to visit me, I was pretty drunk. Remember, a lot of things is weekend. You're drunk. Sports place. It was surprise it back. I didn't know we behave so poorly we had the nightclub after that I don't ever remember like doing drugs, there, anything usually, I don't get invited back to places. If we've torn the place up alcohol and drugs that one there's been plenty of that we had a babysitter that night. Is that right? Who was a boy? The ones in the Bahamas now came out to party with us grow was out with us that night is that right? Brought us we're gonna get everything for free Bill came at the other night. He never talked to us again that guy. On a bigger better thing hanging out with uncle creepy girlfriend river. Yeah. I do remember that is he still with that check. Probably not. E N in Toronto. Are you tonight was happening? One of the talk a bit about the raptors in the warriors. So what do you think? Well, I'm a huge raptors fan. I think this season has been. Probably well, obviously the best season, the raptors have ever had, even though they had one less win and they did last year. But right with coil entered on the team and picking up Mark assault at the trade deadline. I think I think they got a pretty good chance. Well, I mean it's one one, so they're certainly in it. And now they're gonna play two games at oracle. How do you do out there? I think they're going to split. So they'll get a win and go home to. Yeah. And then they'll be a best out of three and they got homecourt advantage. So you think the raptors beat the warriors for the NBA championship. I'm I'm up cautiously optimistic. So you they're going to win a game in Oakland. And then, and then because they already split the first to win then split second. And then you think they're going to win five and seven at home. It's pretty tough to beat the raptors at home. You mean like on Sunday? Yeah, it was pretty tough when warriors beat you like. Is this happening like you can't beat us at home, except for like Sunday when they beat you and you should've won that game too, but you didn't? Woulda shoulda woulda. Everybody was in the bag member. When everybody went out to get beers at halftime. It was all done deal right in the bag. I will say, I think there's one bit of hope for sure for the raptors is that. I mean literally this team is super banged up. I mean, they are falling apart at the seams. They are in serious trouble with all these injuries. I mean legitimately their best players are all injured, Katie Thomson. Now looney who's not one of their best players, but he's definitely a piece and he's out now finished. They are limping that finish line. That's the crack in the armor, that Toronto asked to gavitt allies on all those guys are banged up inter they have to win while they're out if Claes out and katie's out in game three. Let's say hypothetically, they absolutely unequivocally have to win that game one thousand percent. They have to win the game fan and I know Rick was saying earlier, like you know, I think that they're just gonna play tomorrow night, like you know, house money who cares. You know nobody's gonna play. Whatever I is the NBA finals. I mean, this is not a regular season game in the middle of February. That's I don't think you should take that approach at all. I think if clay is seventy five percent eighty he's got play tomorrow night like this is it. You gotta win these games. So Cam says he's not playing. You believe he's playing. I didn't say I'm saying if he's anywhere close, he's got, you know, who knows what really is going on here. Yeah. For sure. Let's get an update in we'll hand it over to Jay Berman..

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