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Kevin winter in all new wrath four hybrid studios. Three quarters complete. It's almost done to Klay Thompson outside cousins can make it three in a row. Yes. He can three straight triples for DeMarcus cousin. Thirty point lead. Eighty five fifty five Golden State Russo answer three point attempt. No good. Cousin's coming down the floor the other way Cohen by the key. Like, he wasn't even there. And he throws it down with a right hand. Hammered bake fellow looking at let it's sharp from the outside. Boogie cousins tonight, twenty one points, ten boards, we go to the fourth and staple center, Golden State ninety four Lakers sixty six question is how long will Steve Kerr play anybody that matters back the John Barry marquess shirt camp right now, we see Klay Thompson on the floor beyond that looks like all backups. Direct co Lee Jordan bells going to start this fourth quarter and Quinn cook boogie cousins, by the way, his fourth twenty ten game and his seventh twenty point game of this return season from the achilles tendon injury year ago. I'd say Klay Thompson matters. Yes. When you I would here's Jared. Go about seventeen feet away straight on MRs Jerry Jones, the rebound Jones, Alex. Caruso, Stevenson, Jonathan Williams. Mike must gallop. That's your Laker five here tonight and has been for many minutes. Here's Scott driving from the left side of direct coast stops on a dime shoots. Three foot short. Jonathan Williams comes up with it throws at home and gets fouled is over at lettuce and the rookie from Gonzaga will go for three point play approaching a double double nine points ten boards now. This.

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