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You're doing the state I mean this is MTV back in what year this was ninety ninety to ninety two. We did a show called. You wrote it you watch it which we were reenacting letters about From from fans and we were doing that show that was show we one of the directors actors on there And then that was ninety two losing track. I think ninety three. It's when we started the state. Yeah because I think I did the pilot for that show that never made it like a ninety five or ninety six. That's probably around the tonight five. We did the. CBS disaster the sea when we jumped to the network. And then that was that was like Doc Tober ninety five so the MTV show is like before then so what was it like. I mean you get near University of meeting all these guys he's big personalities were was there an immediate attraction. Immediate love between all of you where you were just like you all each other on you liked everybody. Yeah there there was at a we. We took each other pretty quickly and I don't know it's one of those things where you you never know why this group of people got together. I think we are all very smart. Ambitious extremely talented. Those guys are are incredibly talented. And and so I feel like that you know people like that attract each other and there was safety in numbers. There's like okay. What if we came up with you know at the group where we all perform in right and so it happened pretty quickly in terms of US getting along of course as you move on there's dysfunction in any big group gruppen? Those dynamics start to particular and and everyone sees what annoys each other about each other. And so who is a leader. Though was their leader was was a David. Wang was the our friend Todd Holler back founded. The group Todd Hall was in a sketch group with David Wayne and Mo Willems who Mo Willems Mo Williams is a an incredible and very popular Children's book author And he had founded this Sketch group called the Sterile Yak the tot holiday David Wayne were in todd. Broke off from that informed A group called the new group which ended up become the state. So that was that's all at Nyu now who did you honestly in the beginning when you first were there and like this guy is the funniest who did you look up to where you're like. Oh I mean not to say look this is events so it's not like you're saying putting throwing any wasn't that your God this guy is going to be a star. Wow can was like. Ken Made Me Laugh Very Hard Marino. Tom Lennon was wicked. Smart and funny Although it's funny Tomlin and we talk about this so I don't feel bad sharing this like I didn't like Tom when I first met him. Tom was very tom had it. Tom Thomson very like arrogant to me. And standoffish And we ended up going in for this student film film directed by Adam Marcus who did one of the Jason Movies and we were in the audition and we just hit it off. We had a great red addition. We booked this student foam. And we've been close ever since I love that man. He's generous it but it's interesting how you meet somebody and like you. Don't take it to them immediately. And then they become really really close. You have friends like that. Yeah I also think it's. It's easy for people I don't know how many times someone is said Either about me or about a friend of mine or somebody I know or an actor in now. I've learned not to listen to like. Yeah my friend Joan. Her friend John John Friend. Jim said that Dax Shepard was not really nice and I'm like Why I'm by the way this isn't a true story? This is not a truce now. It's not a true story but like you know and Like why oh. I don't know. She said she went up to him to get a picture. And you don't want to take a picture I'm like do. Do you think maybe he might have had been having a bad day. You think maybe he was in a rush was he. Eating was the hour. I'm a good judge of character. I think that's a good trade of my for the most part. I mean people like this. The person's good I I trust them. They seem like genuine person. I I my friends are better than me. Yeah I was part But I give people the benefit of they say so and so I go you know. That's well that's why you have so many friends I mean you what's amazing about you rosie is that I. I want your Halloween Party. I don't know when it was a few years ago probably October over. It was it last year I was at the end. Mothers ecological another terrific character. We were a bunch of boneheads showing up like not in costume. Everyone is in costume. And so I think I wore like a quint shirt or some josh shirt. Anyway you have so many people that love you. You should know that you should know that because it's it's important. It's easy to forget things like that. especially when you're feeling alone or out of it not sink not feeling like you belong. I went down like all these guys. Rosie that's amazing and it's true and I and I was happy to be there and be invited and that I also knew you so it just hold onto that known that because that's that's an important thing to remember when you you when you have those days where you like talking about doing it again but you know all this. I want to say first of all I Jimmy. Thank you for that. I mean it's incredibly kind of you and I appreciate did that the problem my mind. It's not that I don't believe you. It's not that I don't think they love me. My friends love me. It's this dichotomy of of yeah of course but then I'm always organizing stuff and doing fun things and doing this and having Thanksgiving and having a Halloween party and doing what. If I just didn't do that anymore with these still they still want to give a shit about me and I I would hope the answer is yes some of them. I'm just like sometimes I I worry I go God you're such a helper such a people pleaser. You're such a like I want to be liked and it's you know it's like dude true but like you don't don't you have your family. You have your job you have your kid. You don't go. Hey I'm GonNa do this an invite all these people all the time and I am getting better at it and I've been working on myself but you know no and I genuinely think people care about me. Yeah I do. It's not about. That's not an issue for me to allow people in. I think I think I just you know I've talked about this some billion times but you know getting it at a young age getting kitty on life and you walk around life you know like I don't know if I've ever been really felt love that I was really like few people. I feel that way but I can relate to that. I related that yeah I can relate to that in that. There are many times when I'm in a room and I'm like uh-huh what the hell am I doing here with. All these amazing people like what what what's that about. I should not be here and I've realized that you're never in a room. You're not supposed to be if you're in the room you deserve to be in the room period. So that's helped me just take could step back. Take a step back Trauma Abbott. What else is APP? It's this is what happens when you prepped for colonoscopy protein. What's in your mind right now? You're begging you to get rid of Shit yes but like you have to step back and remember that the you're there for a reason to to just accept it just own it you know and that's helped me. I hear your point about having a family right if I had this amazing place that you have. I've with all these incredible things that inspire you in it. That's wonderful and yet you're like well. What what else is there? What what about the family all that stuff? I could understand where your where your head might start to spin and be like what happens if I don't though the parties is it. Just do I turn to Howard Hughes or or whatever it is you know what I mean but you won't you won't you won't. There's too many you you're a you're a people. Gather you have an energy to you that just people I like it. So don't sweat it. Well I thank you my friend. Yeah Man I find but look back to you back to me as I view it is inside of me. What else we haven't talked about? We talked about Brooklyn while. I WanNa talk about Brooklyn but you know that whole journey from going from the state into this like starring on things doing things you're always like going. Hey I remember playing poker with you. I've never been at bars with you and it's just like hey joe I might do this independent thing. I don't know pain. I remember remember going up to quadruple. BANGERS called is four. You know you're staying in this thing. What were one of those little private urinals? Yeah those and you were. I just like doing this little bit. Part I've waited fourteen hours I haven't shot yet and I can just tell like you didn't you didn't show up. I knew it like you're like I just I just want something to hit. Yeah you you know I just WANNA be able to go on set every day. Yeah and be have a purpose. Say I'm here to do my part and work. You wanted to war. You're starting your star. This is a very interesting part of the conversation. Were segue into now because what you're talking about is accepting when your time is right. I had a longtime accepting when my time. It's GonNa be many actors. Go through that mark. Kevin Jackson just did a podcast with Brooklyn nine. And we're talking about Brooklyn nine in that. I almost didn't go in for Brooklyn Nine. I almost didn't get Brooklyn nine nine because I'd gone in. I put myself on tape for Allison Jones. Then they wanted me to come back in for a callback or session at that point of his during a very kind of dark time in my career in my head about my career like you know what I've done survey I've done all these like little movies. I've seen enough like like everyone knows what I can do. Like cast me cast me but like I'm tired of it. Who's really the EGO was overwhelming? Swallow me up and I almost didn't go and if I didn't go I would not be on the show. Clearly more importantly the lesson learned. Is that no one knows you anything. And if if you're doing a job because you're expecting to get another job you gotta find what you like about it. I know that's you hear it all the time you find the join. What what you do? But you'll get you realize that's really the truth because it put me in such a a mood of Eldest and people know what I can do. Just give it to semi give it to me entitlement. That really starts to wear you down and it starts to infiltrate you in a in in negative ways and you don't enjoy we around. I remember member. Ken Marino is such a great guy. His wife Erika Young wrote this really funny visuals. Here's burning love that. Ken was in so dominy. Funny people were in that shooting that and I was just in a terrible mood and can bring me a set like while we're shooting you know I didn't know disruption during the set but between takes I was just like not at the greatest of moods and he's like what he's like man to can. I love you I love this. This is so funny like I just couldn't be doing this. Like web shows like it was really narrow minded own grateful type of stuff and he her as a friend and he related and here I am talking. There's someone that also hadn't got his big break cans amazing and seeing all this stuff but also hadn't gotten his break and you realize you just end up sounding like a complete asshole asshole because you can't see your path you can't see when.

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