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Reliable source in saying that the iphone esi two or whatever it is called will switched to in allglass bat like the iphone eight emily from ten and um you know you can kinda take that and say why would they do that and you can imagine this it's too to do while as charging with those new iphones have um and and in the report the same guy says that his source separately says the new i from esi might support while as charging so i mean that's that's really interesting to me because i imagine the next iphone essy as being once again the same casing because it's the it's the is different five casing done again in this suggests that it will actually be something different even if it looks exactly the same but as a glass back that that a visual difference and so that could mean some different things can change as well yeah and today we haven't really seen pulse leaks or component leaks we just kind of seen enough speculation rumor that they will bear new xe this year yet us thus kind of the baseline on what we go at the moment so we're expecting an update away do not quite show how drastic obey or whether nina whether it be extolling design changes whether it be it internal component burst i still think that they should like dropped the foreign screen size and guys delightful point seven especially as late in the year the high end i fenzy can change these five point eight six point four you know that that remiss aiko like if you're going to change the high end upwards than it kinda makes sense to not leave the learned struggling around as well as we've talked about many times before s isn't redesigned for this more screens as it anymore so setting a new device at outsize fill.

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