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Interesting that Houston was it's been a top ten team most of the season and they got completely left out. And I think that was right. You know, Houston, as of yesterday, had zero quadrant one wins. Now they got a quadrant one win on Sunday in a wild finish. But they didn't have one as of Saturday. So I thought that made sense. Anyway, sex too many. I thought they did a top 16 look pretty good than me. I can't disagree. You want to tour around and talk about these results here? Yeah, so just a big bullet point stuff from the weekend auburn is now two and two and it's past four games. After that loss at Florida on Saturday, Kentucky rallied from 13 down to beat Alabama without Tai Dai Washington in savior Wheeler. When they went 13 down, I was like, okay, well, this is what they look like without their starting back court and then they just put on a show the rest of the way. Oscar sheepway was excellent again. Texas tech completed the regular season sleep of Texas. And did you hear it? Somebody tweeted audio. Like iPhone footage from inside the arena. When Chris beard got introduced inside the Irwin center, you could hear it felt like you could hear more booze. Really? Then cheers. Yes. He got booted home by the Texas tech fans that showed up at the Irwin center, so that was something. Like you mentioned province came from 19 down to win at butler, Illinois won at Michigan state. I'll let you take it wherever you want to take it. I will start with those and then we'll tour around elsewhere. Texas tech, how about this? So they get the sweep of Texas, only strengthen their credentials at this point. I was looking after we did this highlight on Saturday. With king dermis, the host of that marathon afternoon, great stuff, working with him. We noticed, here's Texas tech. At home of our so Oklahoma at TCU home versus Kansas state at Oklahoma state. Right now, Texas tech is 21 and 6. Mark Adams has a better start through 27 games than any coach in Texas tech history. He's, you know, crispier did things that had never been done in Texas tech before. Well, now Mark Adams already has done that, right? So it's viable that the red raiders could be 25 and 6 going into the big 12 tournament. If they do that, they'll have four losses in the league, they're probably not catching Kansas, which has two Baylor also has four, but TTU could be a two seed in the big 12 tournament. I actually think it's got an outside shot. Maybe even better than that at being a two seat overall. There's no outright bad loss on the schedule. It just has losses on the road to teams that might not make the tournament. Oklahoma won't spend too much time on the sooners, but Oklahoma's now 14 and 13 and it didn't win on the road. It wasn't even competitive against Iowa state. And then there's a road loss for Texas tech against Kansas state. So those aren't teams that don't seem to be going to sell their tournament but they're still quad one results. There's no bad loss for Texas tech overall and again, you know, we talked about this a couple of weeks ago, but Mark Adams has just done a phenomenal job. So I don't want to harp here. I just would put him. I would go Tommy Lloyd one. Cool he rallying from 19 down to win at butler. He's I guess he's number two in my coach of the year. I really think I might go Adam's three Bruce pearl four, top four coach of your canon, and then Cali parry might be 5 for me. That might be my 5 off the top of my dome coach of the year top 5 list right now. I don't know if you agree disagree with having any other thoughts on that. But good one for the red writers. I'd probably vote Ed Cooley, coach of the year right now. Tommy Lloyd Mark Adams in some order the next two. I mean, what ads doing with this Providence team is incredible. And I know that Tommy and Mark both inherited good situations. But they've made them great. You know, you can't say that you knew Texas tech was going to be this good unless you had Texas tech being this good in a preseason. And you can't say you knew Arizona would be like, you know, a number one seed unless you had them projected that way in the preseason. Just because they inherited my situations, doesn't mean that they haven't done incredible jobs to get those places where they're at right now. And it's wild to look at it'll be the AP poll on Monday. The top 25 and one right now. One Gonzaga, Mark fuze, two Arizona, Tommy Lloyd's wildcats. It's just sort of wild that it's Mark and his longtime assistant at the tip top of the sport right now. Agreed. It's done a great job. Auburn losing 63 62. Lemon booty. What was when they were doing? Oh, hold on. There's a lemon booty situation going all around here because Florida had to gain more well in hand. And then it was just trying to give it away. Just give it away. How about the stat of the weekend? Walker Kessler did not have a block in this game. Stunning. Did not have a block. Colin castleton played damn well. He had 19 points, 8 boards, three blocks themselves, a pair of steels. They needed him to come up big Tyree Applebee scored 26, including a huge three that they wound up needing there. Auburn takes it takes a loss. You heard the stat, right? I also tweeted out, I can't trivia time you here, like the stat with auburn's drought at the Odom, you're aware of it. I trivia time. Okay, ask it. Let's see if I can get this. Get it within two years. It's right if you get it within two years. Last time auburn won at Florida was what year. Last time, auburn went up Florida. Oh, boy, I bet it's been a while. Let me preface by saying I have no idea I didn't hear this. Okay. I'm going to go 2002. 19 96. A man named Daniel werfel was tossing the pigskin for the Gators and the old ball coach. That's how long ago it's been. That's how long it's been since offer one of Florida. Frankly, it's mind boggling and the streak still continues there. Florida and getting the win, resuscitates its NCA tournament case. 17 and ten now, just a mammoth win. Florida's got another good one on a neutral over Ohio State. And then elsewhere, there's just not a lot. So this was significant Gators next have Arkansas on Tuesday night. When that and then we'll start talking Florida fans. But I thought that was pretty, I thought that was pretty significant. Kentucky winning without its starting back court. Well, let's start. Let's sit on auburn for a second, 'cause you got more. Okay. 7 with 91 seconds left and almost gave the game away. Like auburn had the ball, 7 and a half seconds down a point. Yes. The interesting thing about auburn or among the or just a noticeable thing about auburn. Tell me how many other teams you could say this about. Might be done in terms of national title contenders. There are two best players are not end of game players. Like, you can't just throw the ball to either one of them and say,.

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