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Doesn't resolve anything. Yeah, a physical conflict is very weak form. Of mental processing. It's weak. It's weakness. You can debate that civilized, but physical conflict? Now, at first, supporter of guns right, gun rights. Can I support your right to defend yourself? Just like I support your right to vaccinate, get the vaccine or not. But that's got to be a right. You can't allow a tyrannic government to force that on you. That's overstepping the line there. Okay, so when I was going to mention here, what I was going to mention here is taking a consideration and taking a consideration, yeah, she's dead. This person is dead. I don't know what the history is. Recently vaccinated an out debt. Attacks just came across. You want me to send you the message of take a screenshot of something to just reach out to me. Intracellular dot com. TRO TTI here. This is the thread. This is the common thread. And I want you to consider this. And again, read, read on my website. Remember the Alamo. Common thread here. The common thread here is the elements of the former Roman Empire. You have to take that into consideration. Please do it. It'll blow your mind. When you conceptually allow it to grab your mind and your thoughts, literally, your job, your job will drop. Because you'll say, oh my gosh, it's the same enemy. It is the same identical enemy that the pilgrims left England from. And what does that enemy? Well, that enemy air the controlling banking entities over the City of London, because William the Conqueror was unable to conquer in ten 66, it's Roman. It's immediate medieval, according to Roland Palin. On this show, he said that. He teaches economics in London. It's medieval. It is so much that the queen or the king, the monarchy, reports to it. And I've had David Ike on this show at van Andy Thomas on this show. Tony Gosselin, these are all British people that are trying to spread the truth, if you will, in England. But the British law, the British love their monarchy, all they love their monarchy, well, we don't have a monarchy in the United States. Now, do we? Or do we? Am I misunderstanding? Are we controlled? By a tyrant. Oh, yeah, and the queen's not a tyrant. You know, look at me. I just mentioned to you that the queen.

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