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On my favorite thing was always his. Obviously, the days of the music shown up, you know again you he was so humble about that and it's kind of afraid of that humiliation that we wouldn't like it. But I swear when those tapes arrive in the shot up visit shot in the movie of the set tape and that's the real cassette tape that I got from Howard that arrived that day. Those were amazing days in the best days when he flew out to Los Angeles and played the song. Live. because he was afraid that nobody would like them. So those were absolutely amazing and. Then you know in just the the date his sense of humor was so great to, and you see that in antlers in all my decorating or. He would always things like screw courage to the sticking place, and then we would have had to go home at night time ago. What the hell was that it was the bath or something we all go looking our books and. To be educated, by Howard, on top of it also. And drove me nuts. persistent almost to a fault of his point of view. So you had to show up with your a game. He was like a trial attorney presenting his facts that were so compelling, and so articulate and learned that you should cell that her show with opposing facts if you were going to convince him and he was collaborative, he could he very collaborative big-hearted all that stuff. But man was he learned and did he know every reference he? So he could say well, Gaston is clearly based on meals fluorosis from funny thing happened on the way to the forum. Against we all run home at night and trying to look up who else meals, stories and so It drove you crazy because you're working with somebody who's not only gifted naturally but has also put in his ten thousand hours to learn the craft. And what do you want people to come away with? Man I..

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