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Layup do laundry reverse layup, layup with left hand, fake Dunkin. Layup contested layup. Tap fifty times dunk does not work. Thank you Jay for she's here. And that here's something that you misogynous toxic masculinity. Here's here's the thing. About back. Gary Jeff Walker that the listeners can't can't possibly know. I've been shown a memes throughout the evening on my phone related to the subjects that we're talking about. Right. And he pulls out a stack of printed out hard copy memes like on paper like newspaper versions at least. I printed them up from an Email not a fax machine. Let me so much funnier. They got facts. A mimeographed. I smell in the paper. There's a great trying to get a buzz about faxing. It's like one person's like, hey, can you fax that over like I can't do that from here? Where are you? I'm in two thousand eighteen Susan. By the way, for my fellow Kentucky year Kentucky resident, but you don't vote. Governor. Matt Bevin is holding community forum in Newport tomorrow at eleven thirty to Campbell county fiscal court Darren mama street downtown eleven thirty. The governor will be in Newport for a community forum to discuss economic development and other key initiatives to the Commonwealth. Am I go down there? I I've been trying to get him to pardon me for a couple of years. Now, I'll be at the bar there at six twenty eight from eleven to seven, and I think I can talk my wife into let me walk up for half an hour and see the governor in Newport tomorrow, you're going to be a go bananas. I am this weekend is an interesting. We can go bananas are calling it the since the six pack each night is six comics. It's not the same Tomic's every night. I'll be there Thursday and Friday Thursday. We're not talking about your abdomen. No, definitely not. And I don't drink. So right. So neither analogy works for me, whether six comics Ness, okay that works so Thursday. It'll be Zach Wyckoff, which I think your listeners, I think would love him. He is he's a very Christian young, man. Very witty very quick very bright very sarcastic. Also. So he's but he's super devout. But he's also got that quick Mike biting humor, which is great. Sure. One of my best friends in comedy Blake Hammond, Josh Neo Molly heart, so Mike Alinsky. And then I'll be closed in a show out. And then Friday, it's basically the same show except for Blake won't be there. Ran barnacle. We'll be there. Mike good for my oldest comedy friends. Christine was going to be there, and I'll be closing out the early show Chris will be closing out the late show, and then the rest of the weekends. Great to came O'Connor. Chris we're and Amata Blake Hammonds coming back Marcello who just released an album, which is a fantastic album. Does he do like Willie Nelson tunes? I don't know. It's stand up. Okay. It's not music. It's not like Adam Sandler record. Oh. And by that. I mean, it's good. So you should go. Mcdavid. It'll be there this weekend that I say came O'Connor there. You're just going through repeats now. It's different configurations, basically the same people. So it's be there Thursday and Friday Thursday and Friday, and I'm closing out. The the shirt Thursday in the early show Fridays or definitely come out. And and what are the showtimes seven? I wanna say seven let me look it up now. Oh, jeez. See I was looking at a schedule that the manager, Mikey. Who loves see? I would know when I was going to be there without a smartphone. I would have that in my head the thank area. Jeff, mister, he prints things out and hardcopy everywhere. I go home at least an hour early that the specific time doesn't really matter all that much to me. Okay. Thursday show is at eight Fridays early show, seven thirty late show, ten same Saturday and then Sunday's date. All right. But it's going to be great weekend man, since he's six pack it, go bananas comedy club there in Montgomery little right down the road from here. It is basically right up the road from here which come and say, Hello. I'm sure Gary Jeff will come out and you can say Hello to was found. It was odd that go bananas is like just adjacent to a Cadillac dealership and right behind the comics can afford Cadillacs. None of us can. Well, maybe get some people turn out J Armstrong..

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