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Sylvia, How you guys doing after a late night of Blackhawks hockey? What's up thinking? Coffee it like 8 30 and I do that. You can do that. Oh, yeah, I did it to last night and you fall right asleep. You're like an angel. I fell asleep. I mean, I got other things to help me sleep. You know, I got imprisoned downers rights of I don't know every night. Good for you. Hey, York. My edible day is coming up Friday. So after my treatment is the day that I usually 25 milligrams of inedible, which is it is a lot. I know that but I like I've got to get to sleep because somebody three roids are nuts. And then, like the last time I did it, I was watching Kyle Hendricks pitch. And it was so crazy, so I'm just going to rinse and repeat. I like that. You have an edible day. It's beautiful. I I still don't love it where I don't get the same joy out of that that I do of alcohol buzz. But I've been without alcohol now for, like, four months or whatever it is, and I need something to put me to sleep. So, look, if you go if it includes a little bit of a trip, while Carl Hendrix is is throwing on opening day, fine. I did not go to the coffee last night Sylvie during the Hawks game, but I'll admit that I was a little more tired than expected. I was drifting off a little bit in the third period on the couch and it basically shut I had plans. I was DVR ing hard knocks Los Angeles last night, and I was gonna try and like zip through it last night after the Hawks game wrapped up, But it was just It was just like I can't. I can't do it. And you know what would have helped had the Hawks one. I think I would have a little bit of an adrenaline rush and I had been able to power through it. What? Oh, no. After that performance last night, the Hawks put me to sleep. Yeah, especially because you had some hope going into the third period and was too down to Zeb. Get that goal and then you're like, Okay. All right. You know they didn't allow a goal right at the end of the second period. What can you do, and it was just nothing worse than staying up late for a game. And not getting the good result, you know, and seeing a crap third period like we watched. Yeah, no, no, Absolutely. And I think for me the reality was starting to set in again that what last night proved is that Vegas is a really good team. In my opinion, there's three teams in the Western Conference along, You know you've got the nights the avalanche of the blues, that kind of head and shoulders above the rest. And so even though the Hawks gave their fan base, something to get really excited about with a win over the Oilers, the reality is now This is truly Stanley Cup playoff action that you're in. And it's going to be a much tougher uphill sled. Well, I think that You because the lottery was Monday. You know, you kind of don't you don't have the regret of the well, they probably should have just gone into the lottery because they could have that number one pick. At the same time, you see how far away they are from a Stanley Cup contending team after yesterday's third period was like, Okay, Well, maybe we should have pump the brakes on all that Edmondson beating that they did last week. Yuriko, are you painting? Hope it all. I mean, do they? Do you watch that and say no chance or well, I wouldn't say no chance, but they've certainly got to play a lot better, a wind scoring one goal and if Cory Crawford is going to flood Fox and just wave at him, Then they don't have much of a chance. They've got to play better on all sides. Tiu have themselves legitimate chance, but no, I think I think they got a chance. I've got him losing in six. I still think they're gonna find a way to win two games. Yeah, that's that's how I feel. I feel like this is the sport where in one period the game, Khun Totally flip. We see it all the time with the Hawks when they were great, were dominated period And then the next period. You know, the blues look like they're dominating it. So game the game. I still think that a lot that they've got with Crawford don't second guess, Crawford, right? They've got a lot of guys who can who can turn it around. And I am going to sell Abdullah some hope So here's what happens. You know, they were down 3 to 1 against the Nashville predators, and they came back and end up winning that series 4 to 3. They've gone to Game sevens in conference finals. It's not like they were. Oh, my God, so much better than the other team They played. They were just good enough to get by. And then they wanted to Stanley Cup when they got there. The great thing about the Hawks soon with the three Stanley Cups. They won all three right right when they were doing there. Losing. They were doing it before they ever got to the Stanley Cup. So three for three in Stanley Cup finals, But boy, they've had some disappointing losses. Also. Arizona you have the year they lost to one of the Los Angeles teams. When the couple of years it just crushing credit. Remember Vancouver when they were down? 03 And then they rallied back to force a game seven and I believe that went toe over time. And they didn't Sharpie of like a prime opportunity in one of the overtime. You know what I That sounds very familiar. Sylvie. I can't Put my finger on it, but first round. Yeah. Yeah, that sounds very familiar. Think you're accurate? Look, don't don't Don't second guess my memory here. You know, cat may do it, and you may do it in a in a weird way, But I'm not playing the chemo. But I still remember all that. I stayed up waiting for these. I am by no means second guessing any any chemo brain that you're bringing us here? I just I personally can't confirm it, so I'm not gonna lie sometimes like outside of big goal game winning goals for the Hawks. Sometimes they kind of all like I remember vividly the Los Angeles Kings, you know? Ah, limiting the Hawks from the Western Conference finals in Game 7 14 was that one that one was probably the hardest. But outside of that I have no prime chances in game sevens. I don't always remember those might be more of a T H C brain than anything at this point. No night. By the way, my guy texted me. 25 milligrams information. Mark Question. We thought you were going to cut that into 44 chunks. Maybe even five chunks That's supposed to last. You so no idea. Yeah. Look, I got to get to sleep. So you can do kid. If I can erupt quickly. Jeff mentioned something before the break that he wasn't impressed. You're here this time You've decided to stay with cross. Doc. You're not out the door, handle things. Usually, Abdullah starts cleaning, bumping in and cleaning off everything before I could even do anything. So I let him get it. Get it over. Yes. But Jeff made a comment that Charlie Blackmon hitting 400 right now basically is no big deal for him. He's hitting 500 now. But the fact that he could hit 460 game season was no big deal, and some people on Twitter are taking offensive that job. If he hits for 100 in a 60 game season. People are going to give him some type of radical Adric, Jane's says. These are the seven players that have hit 400 the 1st 60 games this season since Ted Williams did it. Chippers. Tony Gwynn, Larry Walker, Ponyo, Rod Crew, Hank Aaron and Ted Williams again. I'm in that I'm in that twitch Channel lot, And I'm not trying Tio call people out. But I will call out Rodrick Janes is a big well, actually, guy on twitch Big Well, actually got the one great listener with them. I hope you will actually is us well over the entire time. We're on twitch. He's a huge well, actually. Well, guys, listen, and it's like, okay, it's Can I tell you something? It's a 60 game season. Just agree with you. He just said fair is listening to talkto him play. I don't care. You can list off a group of Hall of Famers. Virtually what she did there York. It doesn't matter. 60 games. That's great..

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