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In time? April 4th 1974 you heard from the Vice President Gerald Ford and Bowie Kuhn. Milo Hamilton, the Hall of Fame broadcaster on the call. Reds won that day 7 to 6 in front of 52,154. That was a Thursday afternoon in his murder reference. The Braves ownership said it intended to keep Aaron Out of the lineup for the three game Syriza and Cincinnati so we'd have a chance to break to tie and break the record when they went back home to open up the season in Atlanta, But Kun told the Braves he expected them to play Aaron at least two of the three games in Cincinnati, and he was citing the integrity of the game. Remember the Reds grounds crew retrieved the baseball from a police officer presented it to Hank Aaron. Later in the game, Aaron came to the plate three more Ah, three more times. He was retired twice, and he walked once, so three more at bats in that game with a chance to break the record. He was not in the starting lineup for the second game against the Reds. He did play in the third game after Bowie Kuhn had threatened penalties if the Braves held him out. Dave Concepcion homer that day for the Reds. Tony Perez homered that day, Clay Carroll got the win. A 35 year old Phil Niekro pitched in relief for the Braves that day. Pete started in left Dan Greece and started the third. Riddle me this who was the Reds Opening day center fielder that year 1974 on that day. Merv Rettenmund opened in center field that day, Dusty Baker had a hit and run for the Braves. That day. Davey Johnson had a double by the way, thoughts and prayers to Davey Johnson, the former Reds manager. Reports are tonight He is in a Florida hospital battling Covad Davis 77 years old former manager the Reds 93 to 95. The home plate umpire. That day 1974 was Ed Vargo and I noticed the second base umpire with John McSherry about that. There you go. Let's take some calls. 5137491 7800 the big £1.700 on a TNT in the next segment, I'm gonna give you Vin Scully's call of the record breaking home run. That occurred in Atlanta against the Dodgers, But we had here in Lebanon. Lee Welcome to sports talk. The Atlanta area. I'm well, thanks for calling. Hey, I wanted to share I was actually at that game, 1974. My dad took me to the game. I was eight years old. But I have something I think the little unique we all know that. That was Marty's first game that he called So fast forward 45 years later, and I took my dad to Marty asking. Oh, man, the Harris standing up on my arms. That is awesome. You don't have to think that that would be a little unique, right? Not right. A drains. Yes, her father son to be the his first and also is like I love that. That's a great story A late enjoy a weekend, buddy. Losing a little bit good to hear from you. How about college Hill? And this is Barbara on 700 wlw. Hi, Barbara. Hi. I was at that game and 1974 words. Yes, I wa so I was at that game. I heard that bad the past. And of course, I had a transistor radio with me. So I heard Barty Cloud with the same time and also wasn't mentioned. Uh, I'm laughing because they had a streaker in that bad part. No, Yes, way 24 Year old man. Hey, where we're so much racket, uh, about that, you know that all the time I wondered up one of my sight of friends who was with me. Then tell me right away What was happening, and Because I heard Compass. Sudden commotion. I wasn't expecting to hear. And then Marty talked about it. Barbara, if I can ask, Did the streaker run on the field during the celebration after the home runner was this later in the game? I think player in the game, all right. Wow. I'd never heard that story. But he I believe security escorted him out. That is excellent. That's a great story, Barbara. Thank you. All right. Have a great night love that additional A nation never heard that. Here's what he may have many things that amaze me about Hank Aaron's career 23 seasons. He was an all star for 21 straight years. The only time he wasn't an All star was his first year in his last year. Here's Here's a great trivia note as well. He played 23 years. He made 25 All Star teams because for a period of time they played two All Star games. Hank made 25 All Star games in 23 seasons. Hayward, the number 44 he hit exactly 44 home runs four different times. Here's the other thing that stood. I looked up. He was listed at 6 Ft. £180. And you wouldn't think just saying that that that would be the body type of the the I'll call on the all time home run later, but man, the quick wrist legendary quick wrist. In fact, when I think of that, I think of Hank Aaron. I think of Um George Foster. I think of Eric Davis in terms of quick wrist and guys who were pointed out as the just how quick the reflexes were assault today. Hey, care and hit 3 62 against Sandy Cove fax. 117 and bats. He hit 3 62. He had 3 42 against Steve Carlton. He hit 2 15 against Bob Gibson, but he had eight home runs off of Gibson. That's the most home runs that Gibson allowed to any right handed hitter, according to the note. I saw Another staggering stat. If you take away all of Hank Aaron's home runs, he still had over 3000 hits. Let me repeat that. That's how good he was. Take away all the home runs. Still over 3000 hits. It's like a Gretzky stat. Take away all Gretzky's goals and he still is the all time leader in points in NHL history because of the assist never went on the DL. Scored at least 100 runs in 13 straight seasons. He had two seasons. Now think of this 755 home runs. He had two years where he had at least 200 hits. He led the league both times. He stole 240 bases in his career. His career high was 31. Here is the one that I just have such an appreciation for.

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