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What did we hear post storm? I really have not seen much from the weekend weekend <hes> but I know you've got the horses back in evangeline yeah. I think everything was Kinda. You know they made a little bit there. Deal out of it end up being thank Gosh it wasn't much to it. <hes> you know obviously obviously I've. I've got a home in New Orleans also check on everything I've still got horses in the area down there around Lafayette and and actually everything went very very smooth Melville issues. They're excellent excellent and I WANNA ask you one quick thing a two before we go Brett. I see you got a couple of maidens going at Lonestar this week Wednesday and Thursday and I I've only in passing mentioned the good news that finally came around for the Texas racing <music> circuit. What what's your read on on the the opportunity to have a plan going forward in Texas while the very helpful you know? It's probably not a cure here but it's it's going to help in the meantime. It's pretty cleverly written bill. I think it's going to be the single be driven by our industry and it's kind of a two year deal and <hes> you know it's got a chance to to up to double purses <hes> in Texas obviously there's spitting up between different breeds <hes> but <hes> pretty cleverly done deal and it's going to help out a lot it was it was kind of a lack ever to kind of say industry in that area really just gotTa bring little life wrapping to stare so hopefully we can take this and run with it and <hes> you know get something better down the road well. I absolutely I mean the the Illinois. The news came as came in just in time and came <hes> really quite welcome and after after some very silly things that went on in Texas <hes> this is good news and of course they had the stallion races <hes> what last week or two weeks ago and they actually had I think you had didn't you have some little was there some was it last week or a couple of weeks ago yeah yeah there were a couple of thirties. Security was actually the sale paternity was actually yesterday there you yesterday yeah how come you didn't win it. What did you do anything there you go? It ended one hundred percent I didn't they didn't reach you undefeated Brett great great job Mr Money <hes> story very interesting and whether three contests the travers or or waits for something like the Pennsylvania Derby doesn't matter. I think everybody's really is taking notice of of the great job you've done their continued success and we'll see I know we'll see you hear something that the meat even if it's not Mr money well we hope to be sworn in our we have a chance to win. Something absolutely bret Calhoun everybody and Mr Money who's really <hes> really. I think one people all over the from the Pat Day mile performance <hes> came back with that Matt Win and now running the table up the three straight and we'll see what happens next. We'll take our last break this morning busy Monday with lots to recap and we'll do a lot more tomorrow yet to scratching the surface here and then we have to get ready for New Jersey and for del Mar so lots to do this week. Let's take one break and come back back with Brent that.

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