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You know feeling bad she was married to lagos goo booking hollywood guy one man and his uh his goldie hawn deem martin in the from laughing okay oh laughing as whenever i watch gender be so done you know i'm not pretending i really am down your majan somebody salemal yeah john mccain beautiful you're right you can't fit now one hundred women's league a hurting who are our people to call nine hundred eleven well it's my people yes i kind of funny reliable and statesman and general joulwan all the government make all the more can down the number of people you know i looking ari she must be like a twenty four twenty five were when i'm looking at right now bright and i think she really was like obama puzo cute pretty girl big big eisner everything you let me pay she aged very well she did a jury well yeah go on we're talking about goldie hawn yeah gobi harm more i will see this yeah she is starting to get that lauck well the the i've put too much stuff it to my face look okay i got you know she doesn't i mean you might do not getting this far is like joan rivers due to join a reserve a cat boy but goldie hawn like the lips her a little too pompey these days you know what i mean it's starting to get a little before won't tarshi look great and others he still doesn't look great riches you could start to see the effects of what happens when you know you get older wanna look younger i mean sometimes think it's okay to get older you'd who looks horrible now tina louise she looks terrible what is she look i don't think i've i am reason picture her new google right now bring up with right bring image of a new image yeah she just seemed like a you know.

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