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Helping your team. Like that mentality. Sounds great. I'm a fight my ass off to get in the goal. You know, getting the ends on every time. It sounds awesome. It's a great sound bite, but in reality, I think almost everybody on the team is like, do what the hell you doing I, but you have to imagine that way anyway, cowboy fan. So I feel your pain today. You should have gone forward. Fourth in one and yes, I have the benefit of knowing the end result, but I. I got that line in that running back, I have to be able to get a yard, and I got a quarterback who can do the quarterback, sneak. And I realized the coal and the result, two different things, but I would have I would have gone for it there. I want to win play to win. You need a win. They played not to lose, and that's the big difference there. Jerry Jones who you know, he just can't stay away from a microphone. Says, I'm not going to second guess you know the the call and then he proceeded to second guess the call say, we, you know, we should've risked that that's called second guessing it. Yes, he's, it'd be constantly undermined in public by your owner. It must be just infuriating. I don't even know if he knows that he's doing it. Remember when he was trying to tell his audience in Dallas that the Cowboys offense is like the Rams and I went, no, it's not. No, no. It's not not even close. I got a brilliant offense in mind in Sean McVeigh. As a quarterback whisper, and I've got a whole lot more weapon. I've got wide receivers. You don't have that in Dallas, but for him to still think that he has that you don't. You chose to take a linebacker instead of a wide receiver, and I get it because Sean Lee is injury prone, but you don't have a go-to wide receiver here and even Zico Elliott. He didn't have a good night, but I have to believe that office at member that offense of line. No, it's been banged up. I gotta get a yard, right to carries. Can I get one yard. I got a stat of the day, and it's kind of a surprising stat of the day has to do with Patrick Mahomes Seton. In the first three games. Patrick Mahomes threw thirteen touchdowns no interceptions in the past two games, he's thrown one touchdown pass and throwing two interceptions his quarterback rating for weeks. One through three was one thirty. One. The past two weeks is quarterback rating is seventy five..

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